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Benefits of Using Clear Cups

Posted by Marc Allen Tan on Sep 17th 2021

Easy to See The term “easy to see” is a pretty obvious statement. It’s easy to look at, easy to comprehend and within seconds can be easily utilized. Using the term sounds a bit ridiculous to especial … read more

Best Cups for Hot Drinks

Posted by Marc Allen Tan on Aug 4th 2021

Polypropylene Cups Plastics are known to be the biggest problem when it comes to hot drinks. First of all, normal plastic cups have a really low melting point, this means that plastic cups will partia … read more

Benefits and Facts of Clear Travel Bags

Posted by Marc Allen Tan on Jul 22nd 2021

Transparency = Convenient One of the biggest benefits of a clear bag is being able to define and find items quickly. This means that all those countless times of finding an item inside the dark … read more

Types of Disposable cups

Posted by Marc Allen Tan on Jul 15th 2021

Plastics Plastic disposable cups are the most accessible kind of disposable cups since they are the most affordable and heavily researched. Plastics are known to be a heavy contributor to pollut … read more

A Quick Guide to Microwave-Safe Plastics

Posted by Marc Allen Tan on Jul 15th 2021

Microwave safe plastics do exist however some caveats are needed to be considered before buying said plastics. Terms and properties like BPA-free and microwave safe sound very daunting since they … read more