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    Container with Lid

    FREE SHIPPING on items within this section!

    This section allow you to purchase containers with lids in quantities of a case or less. This is ideal if you need smaller quantities or need to sample our products before placing a larger order.

    • Sets - You get both a container and a lid of your choice.
    • Multiple Sizes - The containers range in size from 8 ounces to 1 gallon.
    • Color Options - Most containers are available in your choice of white, translucent or clear.
    • Lid Options – Lid choices include single seal, double seal, recessed and tamper resistant.
    • Stackable - Designed so they can be easily stacked for storage (with or without the lid).
    • Versatile - Can be used or storing liquids, solids and non-food items. Including Dry goods such as flour, rice & sugar, soup, ice cream, yogurt, cookie dough, cookies, collection buckets, etc.
    • Home & Business - Ideal for both home and business use.

    Our containers are food grade, BPA free and recyclable.