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Awesome Benefits of Plastic Jars

Posted by Marc Allen Tan on Aug 11th 2021

Plastic jars are one of the most used and most sought-after containers in the packaging and container business. It’s able to
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A Quick Guide to Microwave-Safe Plastics

Posted by Marc Allen Tan on Jul 15th 2021

Microwave safe plastics do exist however some caveats are needed to be considered before buying said plastics. Terms and pr
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Facts about Take-Out Containers

Posted by Marc Allen Tan on Jul 8th 2021

Take-Out Containers got a pretty big boost over the past year. Businesses and customers got a lot more sales and purchases wi
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5 Innovative Ideas with Plastic Bottles

Posted by Marc Allen Tan on May 17th 2021

Plastic Bottles have a very polarizing image in society. They are tagged as one of the most problematic plastics while it
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