Fun DIY Projects with Plastic Cups

Oct 8th 2021

Funky Disco Ball

For those who don’t know, disco was a music genre that was arguably the most influential genre around the 60s and the 70s. It was the kind of music genre that was able to create a lot of subcultures leading to stylish clothes, funky color patterns, and awesome dance moves. It’s also the kind of genre that people fondly remember because of its appeal and distinct nature. It’s a mixture of discovering new avenues in music and a lot of boldness that is essential to the Disco.

This is why Disco has never really died. Most modern music owes its style, harmonic queues, and rhythm to disco. The fashion industry still uses disco fashion as a way to gain new heights in local and high fashion. Modern Interior designs and architecture owe some of their funkier nature to the groovy styles of Disco. However, incorporating Disco’s culture into the modern world comes at a price. Disco’s style has become such a cultural icon that trying to get into it can dig a big hole in one’s wallet. The unapologetic style of disco is too strong to not notice while also too heavy in one’s pockets.

To making things easier and a bit cheaper, the ultimate icon of disco which is the majestic disco ball can be inexpensively replicated with around light bulb and a lot of plastic cups. The goal of a disco ball is to add a glitter-like light to the dance floor. So, the goal is to create mini light tunnels with the use of the round light bulb and some cups. Cut the bottom part of the cups to create the light tunnels and glue them to the light bulb. Install a rotating mechanism on the base of the light bulb to create the iconic disco ball spin. Last but not the least, Install the DIY disco ball on top of the ceiling and let the world know that Disco will never die.

Mood and Festive Lights

One of the keys in terms of regulating mood and emotions is the atmosphere. It plays the role of setting the people’s expectations by giving them a passive feeling of what to expect and what to experience. For example, a normal restaurant will use decorations that will help people see what they can offer and will use lights that can increase hunger and appetite. Fancier restaurants will immediately tell you that it is fancy by having the staff wear expensive-looking uniforms and by having expensive-looking chairs. A coffee shop will make sure that the shop will immediately smell like coffee to boost the caffeine needs of its customers.

These emotion-changing, atmosphere-regulating techniques have been studied and turned into easily accessible products, which is a great thing. This means that people can have fast access to mood-changing atmospheres without having to leave the comforts of their own homes. A great example of this home atmosphere regulator is the mood lamp. Mood lamps use special filters that help in setting the atmosphere in a room. A red-colored mood lamp is known to help couples in increasing romantic gestures while blue-colored mood lamps help in soothing the brain, making it easier to study and absorb knowledge.

However, since these atmosphere regulating tools had proper research and development with a lot of psychology studies infused into it, the price might be a problem. The addition of these benefits has made these items a bit more unaffordable to the average joe. But there is a cheaper alternative and that is the DIY way. To make the DIY Mood and Festive lights, one would need different colored plastic cups and, scissors, tape, and a light source, preferably a light bulb.

To make these DIY Mood and Festive lights, one needs different colored plastic cups, scissors, and tape. Cut the plastic cups and turn them into a sheet of plastic. Then wrap the plastic cup sheet into the light bulb, the cup's natural curve will coil around the bulb, just make sure to secure the plastic cup sheet with tape. And presto, DIY Mood, and Festive Lights are made. To know more about colors and emotions,refer to this study.

Wall Decorations

Wall Decorations are probably one of the most varied home decorations. They can come in painted murals, stuffed animals, sculpted murals, and so forth. It’s a very diverse and inclusive kind of decoration because it doesn’t have many boundaries except for the weight of the mural and personal tastes.

Since wall decorations have a very big inclusivity angle, DIY artists are also invited to this party. DIY kind of art uses mundane items and then turns them into stunning pieces of art. A good example of a mundane item that can be turned into art is plastic cups. Plastic Cups can come in different sizes and colors, which is already a great reason as a tool for art. Piecing together different colored plastic cups to create scenery or lining them up to create simple words, plastic cups are a great source for inspiration and deserve a place on any wall.

Seed Starters

Gardening has become one of the most popular hobbies in the USA. It’s therapeutic, provides food, and can give off that awesome greenery aesthetic. However, it’s also important to know the right and inexpensive tools when it comes to gardening. A perfect example of a starting tool is the seed starter.

A Seed Starter is a small planter (planters are the tools where you plant) that is specifically used for growing seeds. Seeds do not need a big planter because seeds do not grow well in big environments. They also need to be a bit adaptive, because some seed needs to wriggle a bit when they are growing to properly expand their roots. Most seed starters are made up of rubber, but plastic cups are also great seed starters. Since plastic cups are flexible and durable, seeds can easily grow without many problems.

The Best Cups for DIY

Plastic Cups are the best cups around. They are flexible, durable, and have enough space to become anything with a bit of elbow grease.

Check out the Plastics 101 guide article to know more about plastics and to know more about ePackageSupply’sPlastic Cups, head over to this page.