What is a Tamper Evident Seal and Packaging?

Apr 30th 2021

Tamper-evident packaging is a form of packaging or add-on that helps identifies if a package or a storage unit has been tampered with. Its most evident usage has been brands and business; however, this kind of security mechanism is also available for household uses.

It’s important to understand why this kind of packaging is vital for industries and home use.

Here are 4 Benefits of Tamper Evident Seal and Packaging

Promotes Food Safety

Food safety is a very important topic, especially for food business owners and mothers. A small opening can bring in bigger problems, such as germs and bacteria contaminating food. Food poisoning can cause a lot of damage to families and businesses that it’s important to take extra care of the ones receiving the food by giving them an added layer of protection.

Some tamper-evident seals and packaging make sure that it’s tightly sealed so that air won’t be able to get in, ensuring freshness.2.

Prevents Tampering and Theft

One of the clearer reasons for Tamper Evident Seal and Packaging is that it leaves a mark. Having this obvious detection system helps in securing personal belongings without the added stress of personal surveillance. This also stops any kind of tampering by pranksters, animals, or even your office mate who always try your food without your consent.

Having that seal can save you a lot of stress knowing that your food/item is perfectly safe.

Providing Care

Care is a very important value in any form of relationship. It is an embodiment of how much something or someone means to a person. Care can easily be shown with tamper-evident seals and packaging. By providing an extra layer of security and protection, families, friends, and customers can feel that the food and things they receive are given with proper care and attention.

For business owners, having tamper-evident seals or packaging has been noted to bring in customer delight. This extra effort in making sure that the customers are safe is a good move to get customer loyalty.

Avoids Unwanted Spillage

Spills are annoying, a big waste, and pretty much just a dirty problem. They are an extra annoyance to everyone and they should be avoided if necessary.

Tamper evident seals reduce the chances of accidental spills of delivery drivers(Reduces risk of damaging goods and items, clumsy adults and kids. This kind of spill proofing also makes sure that other items are safe because they won’t be part of any collateral damage made by the spill.

Kinds of Tamper Evident Seals

Tamper evident seals come in different shapes and sizes. They have specific uses

Shrink Bands

This kind of Tamper Evident seals is mostly seen in medicine and food with sauces. They provide an air-tight seal to act as an extra layer of protection. However, this seal is more on the tamper detection side.

The plastic is heated on top of the product’s cap and will act as a second layer of protection, but the plastic top cap is not that hard requiring only a small amount of force to break. The plastics are designed to be seen immediately so that they can be easily detected

Over Wrap

This tamper-evident seal or packaging is similar to shrink bands but instead of adding an extra layer of plastic on the top, the plastic is heated around the whole package. This type of packaging is seen on ready-to-consume items such as cigarettes and gum. It adds an extra layer of protection to items that may have easy-to-store and one-time-use packages.

The overwrap plastics is also a good avenue for branding since the plastic can act as another area for visual appeal.

Lidding Films

This kind of lid film is mostly seen on dairy, and medicine bottles. They provide an air seal tight that is mostly needed by food and items that require to stay fresh for a while. They are usually made of plastic or metal.

Lidding films are also known to cause some annoyance and discomfort to users since peeling the lid can be hard because of its material and placement. Usually, these lids have a pulling tab to help users in peeling off the lid, however, the tabs are more delicate compared to the whole lid making it harder to take the whole lid off. This lid is mostly one of the main contributors of wrap-rage

Resealable Pouches

This kind of seals is mostly used in snacks, cereals, and candy. They are the kind of seals that can easily be scaled back to ensure freshness. This type of lids and seals have a very interesting history since they have different materials. One of the most popular kinds of resealable pouch is the milk carton. They were designed to have the lid be resealable so that milk won’t go bad after some time.

This resealable design has been incorporated into snacks and cereals to increase the freshness and usage so that customers can enjoy eating them anytime and anywhere.

Some resealable packages added the “tear here” logo to make it easier for everyone to open and reduce wrap-rage.

Pharmaceutical has also tried doing this in their packaging, making this kind of tamper-evident seal and package the most diverse kind.

Tamper Evident Tape

This kind of seal is probably the easiest to identify and to apply. The tapes are designed to have labels on them to help in identifying if the item has been tampered with. They are commonly seen in boxes, crates, and containers. One of the cool things about this tape is that it leaves behind a trace or message that can alert its user that the package has been tampered with.

Add an Extra Layer of Care

Packaging is more than just the outer layer of products. It’s the 1st thing that people see and it’s also the gauge that people use to see if a product is of high quality and safe to use. Tamper evident seals and packaging have come a long way, it has provided safety, protection, and a new way to give brands a more elegant look.

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