Custom Labels: Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Upload or Create Custom Label Design


2. Proof and Approve Label Design


3. Select Label Type and Quantity


Labeling Guidelines

  • Be sure to order all three labels, front, back, and lid.
  • Art needs to fit within die line chosen.
  • Make sure to curve your logos and text if you want this effect on your containers.
  • Select film labels if there is moisture at store locations, especially in dairy section.
  • Paper option can be used if there is low moisture or no moisture.
  • Ice cream and frozen yogurt containers cannot use clarified as these are not freezer safe.


Custom Label Examples

4387-l302-trans-.jpg 4387-t30206cp-white.jpg 4387-l801-trans-.jpg 4387-t801163-trans.jpg 4387-l303pr-white.jpg4387-t30308pr-white.jpg4387-l607dscp-white.jpg4387-t60785trcp-white.jpg4387-l607rtr-white-.jpg4387-t60785cp-white.jpg4387-l410r-white.jpg4387-t40924cp-white.jpgsourcream.jpg4387-t31416fcp-white-.jpg4387-l409-white.jpg4387-t40916cp-white.jpg4387-l303-trans-.jpg4387-t30304lw-trans.jpg4387-l410ds-white.jpg4387-t40912cp-white.jpg4387-l409-trans.jpg4387-t40908cp-trans.jpg