5 Benefits of Table Cloths

Jul 8th 2021

Table cloths are like an extra dressing or add-on to a table. But there are specific benefits that table cloths bring to the (forgive the pun) table. Here are 5 benefits of table cloths,

Sanitary Purposes

Meals in general are a mess waiting to happen. Whether it’s for a small gathering or a big event, a mess is bound to happen and the 1st and target would always be the table. Tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture around. They provide space for items such as snacks, books, and documents and they also provide a living area for germs.

In all honesty, any furniture that can hold a lot of different items is a hot spot for germs but since tables are designed for everyday use, it’s easy to see that a multitude of germs can grow on these surfaces. Having these kinds of germs can harm one’s family or cause widespread infection in an event or office.

Adding a simple table cloth can easily fix this problem. Having an extra layer of security on tables can mitigate the growth of germs since the table cloth can house them instead of the actual table. These table cloths can also be cleaned or disposed of, depending on how much spills it carries or how dirty it becomes.


Furniture is important, it’s one of those things that one gets for the long term, and should be hard to replace. It’s also important that furniture should go well with the house since they create the basic theme and aesthetic of the house. Having a good balance of style and need is a great way to boost morale, create a calming environment and it can also boost productivity.

With that said, preserving furniture can be a hassle. Furniture has different base materials, which means that they have different needs, and having to tend to each of them can highly sink one’s time. Not to mention that the house’s location is also a major factor in this scenario. A cold climate can affect metal types of furniture while hot climates can affect plastic or wood furniture.

With all these problems, it’d be near impossible to find a catch-all solution, right? Wrong, and this is because of table cloths. Table cloths are designed to handle different kinds of temperatures and materials. First of all, table cloths are made of woven cloths that don’t present any toxic reactions towards materials used in furniture., Second, table cloths are designed to accommodate different temperatures because of food. Using table cloths as layers of protection can surely keep furniture last a bit longer


Dinner tables are expensive. They are designed to be a bit more exquisite and fancier since they the centerpiece of the dining area. It’s also what holds the dinner area together since it’s where the family members or people gather. An ordinary dinner table might be ok to some, but having that extra fanciness can make a meal more elegant than usual.

But elegance and fanciness come at a price. Usually, these kinds of expensive-looking tables are made out of wood. Wood is generally a good material for tables but with constant exposure to different elements such as heat (hot food and hot stoves) and water, it can easily break a wooden table’s surface. This also means that furniture maintenance is going to be part of the homeowner's budget.

This is why most wooden tables have table cloths. Table cloths absorb almost everything that comes into contact with the wooden surface. They act as a layer of security to make sure that the table won’t receive or at least minimizes the amount of damage from harmful things. It’s also good to note that tablecloths are more cost-friendly than a big table. Once a table cloth tears or reaches its limit, it can be easily replaced.

Impact on Mood


There are studies on how certain colors and designs can alter a person’s emotions which can be interpreted as something similar to conditioning. This is why a lot of food companies follow seasonal colors for their promotion to fit the theme and also encourage people to celebrate.

Studies have shown that colors can greatly impact a person’s mood and behavior. Warm colors such as red can mean excitement and surprises while cool colors such as sky blue can bring in peace and relaxation. Being able to mix and match different colors can easily bring in different emotions that can make things a bit more exciting.

One of the major benefits of the table cloth is escalating mood. A great table cloth can easily level up a simple meal’s atmosphere. Restaurants carefully pick the kind of table cloth they want their customers to see since table cloths are one of the biggest sources of color in their environment. A table cloth can easily fix dinner or make it dull, so choose wisely.


Customization is one of the hallmarks of a great item. Being able to freely choose whether something can be changed or modified is a great way to keep things exciting and personalized. Customization also creates a sense of expression and ownership since a part of a person’s design or aesthetic is embedded in the item.

Tables on the other hand may not be as customizable since they are made up of hard materials and customization must start in the earlier stages of creation. However, a simple table cloth can add a sense of personality to the table. This is very evident to those restaurants that have specific table cloths to show their branding and personality.

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Table Cloths Covers a Table’s Needs

Table Cloths are important pieces of fabric that help preserve tables, furniture, and one’s wallet. It’s easy to see that the benefits greatly outweigh the cost of having one. It’s also important to remember that anything worth preserving should be given extra layers of security

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