5 Innovative Ideas with Plastic Bottles

May 17th 2021

Plastic Bottles have a very polarizing image in society. They are tagged as one of the most problematic plastics while it’s also one of the most common and versatile plastics items. However, most of the problems can be solved with grit and imagination. A lot of projects have been created to properly recycle plastics and most of them can be made at the convenience of one’s home.

Here are awesome projects that everyone can do with plastic bottles.

Snack Storage

Every household has its supply of snacks. From berries to nuts and cookies to chips. Each member of the family has their preference and to be honest, all snacks are equal except for trail mix. Those are more awesome!

However, households can leave a huge number of opened but unfinished snack boxes. Resealing snack boxes are ok but not recommended, since they won’t have the same vacuum seal packaging it once had.

Luckily, packer plastic bottles are perfect for this kind of scenario. Packer Plastic Bottles are smaller than buckets and containers and the lids are more attuned to vacuum seal because of its screw mechanism.

Piggy Bank

Saving up coins and change may sound like a very simple activity but according to some folks, they just can’t be bothered lugging loose change around. It sounds very innocent until one realizes that those loose change can add up and become a big chunk of the lost budget. A candy bar from a 10$ bill sounds very small, but without control, that candy bar can lead to something a little bit more expensive.

Piggy banks sound a bit childish but everyone should remember that toys for kids trigger repetition. Kiddie toys can be seen as boring and nonsensical but the real purpose of these items is that they form habits. Being able to habitually add coins to a piggy bank can save a lot of money and give any person the value of habitual saving.

Piggy banks can come in different forms and may not necessarily come in the shape of a pig. Plastic bottles are great contenders as make-shift piggy banks because they are easy to find and easy to reuse. See-through plastic bottles are also great as piggy banks because it triggers the same way how most adults want to have a glimpse of how much they saved. (Investments and bank accounts)

Bird Feeder

Birds are probably the only wild animals that anyone would freely provide food and shelter for. They are not unwanted pests; they are not big enough to cause any big problems to anyone’s house and they don’t overstay the welcome.

Aside from this obvious love for birds, they do honestly bring in great help to houses and gardens. They eat unwanted bugs, and they help in spreading pollen to different gardens. They are probably the most cost-effective pesticide and pollen spreader to homeowners, and gardeners.

As a reward for these lovely creatures, bird feeders can be set up as thanks. Bird feeders can be bought but also, they can be made. Plastic bottles are great materials when it comes to bird feeders. They are sturdy and toxic-free as long as they are food-grade and BPA-free.

Cut a hole on the base of the plastic bottle and create a small tray on the base so that the food won’t fall. Place the plastic bottle bird feeder on a branch and let it dangle so that birds are the only animals that can access it. Close the lid after refilling the bottle so that it won’t attract other animals and pests.

Bottle Sprinkler

Sprinklers are an important piece of garden equipment. They efficiently distribute water around the garden and it can save a lot of the gardener’s time, but sprinklers do have their drawbacks. Sprinklers are probably one of the most expensive gardening tools around.

Sprinklers need constant maintenance since it's a device that deals with running water. It has a rotating mechanism that is prone to damage because of the water and dirt that gets accumulated from all the sprinkling. Add in the fact that sprinklers can injure pets and kids when they play around the garden.

Consider using Bottle sprinklers as the safe and cost-effective alternative. Plastic bottles are very flexible and sturdy, this means that they can be used in something that can emit a lot of pressure. Make holes around the bottle and plug in a hose and voila, a bottle sprinkler is born. It's cost-effective, safe to use, and recycle-friendly.

Bottle Terrarium

This one is for enthusiasts and kids. Terrariums are most probably the upgrade to ant farms. Terrariums imitate environments so that certain animals or bugs can live without them struggling in a new environment. The usual case is to recreate the animal’s habitat in a smaller space while also giving the owner a front seat view of the daily life of the animal.

A small-scale terrarium is perfect for those who want to see if this hobby is something they would want to try. A clear bottle is perfect for looking at the species’ daily activities without disturbing their peaceful life. A basic terrarium would be filling a clear bottle with dirt and some plants, add in spiders or ants and wait for the magic of science to happen.

Terrariums are known to help kids get into sciences since they can give children a full view of how life and nature work. It’s a perfect safe science experiment since the kids won’t be harming the animals and the animals are given the perfect living environment.

Plastic Bottles can be Anything with the Help of Imagination

Plastic bottles are great base materials for a lot of projects and DIY crafts. This is also a great way to protect the environment by actively reusing them as important and engaging items.

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