5 Key Questions about Ice Cream Containers with Lids

May 28th 2021

What is an Ice Cream Container Called?

There are no actual names or brand that is used when it comes to ice cream containers. Any kind of plastic container can be used but there are 2 factors that are needed when it comes to storing ice cream.

Having these 2 factors are the key elements in identifying if a plastic container is fit to be an ice cream container.

Food Grade.

Plastic Containers come in different sizes and shapes but when it comes to food, being food grade is non-negotiable. Food-grade materials do not create toxic residues when they come in contact with food. This means that food storage won’t be a problem. This is very important to ice cream since milk Is a major ingredient. Milk is a very sensitive ingredient that can lead to food poisoning if not kept well. All of ePackageSupply’s containers are food grade.

High Freezing Temperature Limit

Item, ingredients, and materials have different metrics when it comes to temperature, some of them behave differently when exposed to heat or cold. Since ice cream is a cold food item, one would require a container that won’t be harmful when exposed to a cold environment. To know a container's temperature metrics, an indicator or label can be seen at the base of the container or one can ask the shop if the container can be stored in a freezer.

What is the Best Container for Storing Ice Cream?

The usual idea of an ice cream container is the iconic bucket or tub. However, this is just a cultural icon that has represented ice cream for a long period of time. Usually, when it comes to Ice Cream Containers the best so far is the basic bucket with lids. The buckets with lids are perfect for storing and transporting since the lid creates a circular platform that can stack and the lids make sure that the ice cream won’t spill.

However, studies have shown that the best way to approach this question is who will the ice cream be for. Homemade ice cream is a very flexible food item, it can be stored for the family’s consumption or it can be turned into a small business. By factoring in these situations, it will be easy to decide on what kind of container one should use. If it’s for family consumption, then it’d be best to use small containers so that it’ll be easier for the family to enjoy, while businesses need big buckets with lids to make sure that the business won’t run out of ice cream so easily.

Our Ice Cream Containers Recyclable?

One of the most important things about ice cream containers or plastics that they are not all recyclable. Recycling is basically restructuring and remodeling the plastic material and turn it into something else. However, some plastics degrade when they are recycled and may not be used in the same way as it was before.

There is also a different method when it comes to food-grade plastics since some recycling companies require plastics to be cleaned before they recycle. This is to ensure that recycled plastics won’t be contaminated when they are being reformed. To know more about plastics, head over to the plastics 101 articles.

What can I do with an empty ice cream container with lids?

Ice cream containers with lids are perfect materials to reuse. Since they are food grade and can withstand harsh temperatures, they are flexible enough to be used in different areas and scenarios and they won’t be toxic to their users. The lids are also great as a way to stack the containers and they can also be reused in other scenarios as well.

DIY House Items

Ice cream containers are great house storage units. They can carry small knickknacks or heavy items depending on the size and weight limit of the container. Plastic containers are also perfect for food storage since they originally stored food which means that they don’t produce any kind of toxic reaction with the food. The small ice cream containers can be store small snacks like nuts, beans, small cookies, and candies.

Arts and Crafts

Ice cream containers with lids are considered to be a versatile art material since they are flexible but also hard enough to stick to a certain form. This means that artists can manipulate these containers and make them part of their envisioned artistry. Ice cream containers are also designed to withstand some amount of pressure or tension since they were designed to withstand the pressure of cold temperatures. Freezing temperatures tend to make some materials brittle except for ice cream containers.

Indoor Planting

One of the greatest things that Americans have learned in the past year is indoor planting. It easily teaches patience, care, and self-reliance. Being able to produce one’s food in their own home has a very “can-do” attitude that’s quite important in uncertain times. To start an indoor planting project, one must need a container that is safe to use and fits right inside the house. It needs to have a container that won’t be toxic to the plant and has enough room for the plant to breathe. All of these conditions can be answered by reusing ice cream containers.

What is The Right Size Container for Storing Ice Cream?

There are lots of different size containers that are ideal for storing ice cream. Whether you making homemade ice cream for your family, a small mom and pop ice cream shop, or a large ice manufacturer we have just the right size for you.

Individual /Small Serving Sizes

4oz- https://epackagesupply.com/4-oz-bpa-free-food-grade-round-container-t30304lw-2160-count-case/

8 oz- /products/8-oz-bpa-free-food-grade-round-container-t30208cp

16oz (Pint)- https://epackagesupply.com/16-oz-bpa-free-food-grade-freezer-grade-round-container-600-count-case

Medium Size

32 oz (Quart)- /products/2-gallon-bpa-free-food-grade-round-container-t811257?_pos=1&_psq=Food+Grade+Round+Container&_ss=e&_v=1.0

64oz (Half Gallon)- /products/2-gallon-bpa-free-food-grade-round-container-t811257

Large Size

128 oz (1 Gallon Ice Cream Bucket)- /products/1-gal-bpa-free-food-grade-round-bucket-with-white-handle-t808128b

160 oz (1.25 Gallon)- /products/125-gal-bpa-free-food-grade-round-bucket-t801163b?_pos=2&_psq=Round+Bucket&_ss=e&_v=1.0

192 oz (1.5 Gallon)- Collection All

257 oz (2 Gallon)- Collection All

Bonus Content

How to Keep Ice Cream Soft in the Freezer

Ice cream is best when it’s cold, actually, it’s the only way to serve ice cream. However, it can be difficult when ice cream gets too cold to be scooped out. Scooping out really hard and cold ice cream can induce a certain kind of annoyance and anger that is similar to wrap rage, where people can get extremely annoyed by an item’s packaging.

A great way to solve this ice cream annoyance is to place the ice cream container inside a plastic bag. Take out as much air and make sure to seal the ice cream tightly. The plastic bag regulates the temperature of the ice cream giving it enough cold temperature to keep it solid but not enough to make it hard.

Ice Cream Containers are More than Meets the Eye


Everybody loves ice cream, that’s why it’s easy for anyone to collect a good amount of ice cream containers. 

Check out the Plastics 101 guide article to know more about plastics and to know more about ePackageSupply’s buckets and containers, head over to this page.