Are 5 Gallon Bucket Lids Airtight?

Dec 8th 2021

Think about it, is there any better storage container than a 5 gallon bucket?

If you’re looking for airtight buckets for food storage, the 5 gallon bucket is made for you. When sealed correctly using a 5 gallon food grade bucket with screw on lid or a gasketed, tear-strip lid, they are the perfect airtight container for any food item. They are the ideal size for almost any larger or bulk item that needs to be stored away from moisture and oxygen.

Interested in learning how to make a 5 gallon bucket airtight? In this blog, we’ll cover how to make 5 gallon buckets airtight, waterproof, and vacuum-sealed.

Are 5 gallon Bucket Lids Airtight?

On their own, standard 5 gallon bucket lids are not airtight. To be genuinely airtight, they have to use a rubber-sealed or gasketed lid. A common type of rubber-sealed lids are called gamma seal lids. A gamma seal lid turns a regular 5 gallon bucket into a unique, reusable, leak-proof plastic container with an airtight seal. The standard gasket, tear-strip lid also offers these characteristics, however they’re not as user-friendly, nor are they reusable because of their tear-strip when opening them. If you’re wanting a standard gasket lid that can be reusable, there are also gasketed, pour-spout lids. These are great options for paint applications.

If you are concerned with your 5 gallon bucket being airtight, it’s best to purchase both your bucket and lid at the same time and from the same manufacturer. This is so you can be assured they will work together seamlessly. Gasketed types of lids are the best to ensure a tight seal. And, if you’re storing food, make sure both the bucket and lid are labeled food grade.

What are Gamma Seal Lids Used For?

Gamma seal lids create an airtight seal on 5 gallon buckets and other pails or storage containers. Gamma seal lids store everything from food such as flour and rice, pet food, paint, or other items.

Gamma seal lids are screw lids with a rubber gasket. When sealing, make sure to screw them all the way. That will ensure you have airtightness. Gamma seal lids make it easy to open and close a 5 gallon bucket while maintaining a tight seal.

Gamma seal lids are ideal for using buckets as long-term food storage because of their high-quality seals. If you seal the gamma lid correctly, grains, beans, and other food items can be kept within the bucket for several months to years, depending on the item.

Are 5 Gallon Buckets Waterproof?

When using the proper seal, such as the gamma lid or a standard gasket lid, 5 gallon buckets can be watertight and waterproof. Most 5 gallon buckets are already water-resistant when it comes to water splashing on them. Still, to ensure that no water will get inside the bucket and contaminate the contents, the bucket will need an airtight, sealed gamma lid or gasketed lid.

Can You Vacuum Seal a 5 Gallon Bucket?

Yes, there are many ways that you can vacuum seal a 5 gallon bucket. In addition to using food-grade buckets (if you’re vacuum sealing food) and an airtight lid, many individuals who vacuum seal buckets use mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, and a sealer to make sure that there is no air when storing food for long periods.

To vacuum-seal a 5 gallon bucket, follow these eight steps:

  1. Insert a mylar bag that is fitted to the 5 gallon bucket. There are many different types and sizes of mylar bags, so do some research to find which ones are best for your uses.
  2. Dump the food you want to keep for long-term storage into the mylar bag. Make sure to leave at least two inches of headspace from the top of the bucket. This will make sure that the excess material from the mylar bag will fit in the bucket with the lid screwed on all the way.
  3. Drop in the oxygen absorbers. These will ensure that all moisture and air will stay out of the food.
  4. Seal the mylar bag with an iron. This could be an iron you typically use on clothes. You’ll want to have it on the high heat setting with no steam. Use the iron to seal across the bag's opening,leaving one end open with a two-inch gap.
  5. When the bag is sealed beside the two-inch gap, press out the rest of the air or use a vacuum sealer to suck out the rest of the air, and then seal the gap shut.
  6. Fold the excess of the mylar bag into the 5 gallon bucket. The mylar bag should look sealed and crumped. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to start the process again. Sometimes it can take the oxygen absorber a few hours to absorb the rest of the air.
  7. Place the airtight gamma seal lid or standard gasket lid on the 5 gallon bucket and screw or pound it on tight. To get a airtight lid for the 5 gallon bucket, you have to create the perfect seal.
  8. Lastly, you’ll want to label your 5 gallon bucket using tape. Include the name of the product you sealed along with the month and the year it was sealed on. Some individuals also put the nutrition facts of the food items they seal in with the vacuum-sealed bag.

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