Awesome Benefits of Plastic Cups

Sep 29th 2021

Reuse or Dispose, Plastic Cups can do Both

The reuse or dispose discussion is a very long debate.Some people prefer the importance of reusability while others discuss the efficiency that disposability brings. However, it’s quite evident that most items usually pick a side on whether they are disposable or reusable, but hardly both. This is because of R&D cost(Research and Development). The budget required to accommodate both reusability and disposability is pretty big that most items have to choose a side.

Factors such as cost efficiency, convenience and adaptability also come into play when reuse or dispose are being discussed. Should a person throw away an item just because it’s inconvenient or questions like does cleaning an item for reusability make more people spend on stuff like water and soap, these things are important because

these are the common questions of a regular consumer which is taken consideration by the manufacturers. However, plastic cups are pretty much a great exception.

Plastic Cups can be reused and disposed of, and it wholly depends on its owner. Plastic Cups have enough durability and flexibility for multiple uses making it a great substitute for expensive ceramic cups, and can be easily disposed of because they usually come in packs. People can reevaluate their current needs and situation because plastic cups give them the luxury of choice.

Plastic Cups are Perfect for Parties and Picnics

Beverages like beer and soda, are the most non-negotiable consumables in any party or picnic. They are responsible in keeping the party alive and they are also the reason why some parties can get pretty crazy. But to have access to these beverages,the most important question emerges. Cups may seem to be the best kind of drinking apparatus but which kind? Plastic, paper, foam or ceramic?

The obvious answer would be plastic, but why?What makes the plastic cup the iconic cup for parties. Well for starters, the cups that are not plastic are pretty much high maintenance and have issues on temperature regulation. Paper, foam and ceramics are cups that generate a lot of heat since they are cups that need to sustain heat. They also do not have the same amount of durability as plastic cups since one squish can easily destroy the integrity of their shape

Plastic Cups are Safe to Use

When it comes to eating utensils, the safest kinds are the best. The ones that do not give extra problems like injuries and accidents are the best relief that anyone can get from their utensils.This is also why some industries are creating better cutleries and utensils to avoid issues and accidents so they can provide a safer environment.Cups also share the same story,some cups can give bigger problems than other cups, and so far,the plastic cups seem to be the safest.

Ceramic cups can easily break into smaller pieces when dropped. Paper cups can easily absorb water and get soft that results to tearing creating spills and accidents. Foam cups and paper cups are also easy to tear since they don’t have any flexibility and durability. Plastic cups have all the factors that can avoid all unwanted accidents compared to its cup brothers.

Also, plastic cups these days are engineered to be toxic free. Back then, the biggest issue with plastic is that they can cause harm to its user because of the hardening chemical BPA or Bisphenol A, that causes medical problems to people. But due to extensive research, consumer grade plastics have been developed and have been used ever since.

Plastic Cups are Cost-Effective

The proper way to tackle cost-effectivity or price is to make sure that everything involved is broken down. This means that anything involved in its increase should betaken into consideration. For example, a jar of mayonnaise can be dissected to its ingredients, method of creation, weight, and the container. All of those factors are then broken down and measured in terms of marketability and cost.With all that research, the mayonnaise company can easily see which factors they can increase and reduce to find that sweet spot of marketability and cost.

This also applies to cups, and it seems that plastic cups are the winner.Paper cups are known to be the eco-friendly cup, this is true but being ecofriendly has a big price. Paper fibers have a finite amount of recyclability, this means that once it has reached its limit, it won’t recyclable again. Unlike plastics that have an almost infinite amount of recyclability, this is because they are made up of a synthetic material called polymer.

The ability to be recyclable multiple times without problems is the key to the cost-effective factor of plastic cups.They are also very light weight compared to the paper cups, and ceramic cups, which makes even better because of the lessened shipping costs. Mixing the benefits of the limitless recyclability of plastics and its weight, makes the plastic cups the most efficient cups in town.

Plastic Cups are Customization Friendly

Customization is one of the best ways to express oneself. It is a way for a person or a company to express their personality and beliefs. It’s the best way to be identified and to be easily remembered by peers and followers, which is the most important aspect of branding.With that said, why are plastic cups customization friendly?

Well for starters, plastic is a material that does not easily break and tear. Having an item that keep its integrity and shape is perfect for keeping the label and artwork intact. It’s also got a great surface tension for adhesives which is perfect for sticking on those labels. And for the best reason of all, plastic is easy to reshape. Polymer is a material that is similar to rubber where it can be easily reshaped and reformed. Unlike ceramic and paper, polymers can be easily carved since they are flexible and never fragile.

Plastic Cups are the Efficient Cups

Efficient, cost effective and provides options, these are the qualities that plastic cups have over other cups. They stand the test of time and durability which makes all the more better in this modern time.

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