Awesome Benefits of Plastic Jars

Aug 11th 2021

Published by  Marc Allen Tan on Aug 11th 2021

Plastic jars are one of the most used and most sought-after containers in the packaging and container business. It’s able to bring a wider array of packaging options while also keeping the portable aspects. But how can one truly say that jars are really that awesome? Well, here are 4 awesome reasons.

Reliable Food Storage

Good food storage needs to tackle 3 important things. Is it safe to use or non-toxic? Is it user-friendly or is wrap rage going to be evident? Is it going to keep the food fresh? These questions are the most important factors when it comes to food storage since they firmly address the needs of the users and the food being stored. So, do plastic jars fit in have these properties?

Yes, they do.Plastic jars are one of the most reliable food containers and also one of the most sought after. This is because of design. Jars are in a way is a mix of the designs of buckets and bottles. The bottle is known to be very portable, easy to carry but it only stores liquid or super small solid food items, while buckets are known for their big open mouths or entrance that can fit in big food items or a lot of food items. The jar follows both concepts by having a mid-sized jar to store not medium-sized food items while also being portable.

It’s also interesting to know that the top of the Plastic jars are mostly ribbed and is designed for screw lids. In the older times, jars are mostly designed with corks as lids similar to wine bottles which are only handy to those who constantly carry a cork opener. Ribbed lids are designed to make sure that a lid is tightly placed on top of the container. It also makes sure that air or any other contaminants will not get in and ruin the food inside. While corks also do the same thing, it adds a certain amount of irritation because of the hard to open corks.

Plastic jar aren’t the only jars out there.There are plastic jars and glass jars and both have their specific uses. Plastic jars are great for simple dry and wet food. They are easy to carry and use and they won’t break if ever they fall. While glass jars are perfect for storing temperature-sensitive food like soup or cold food because glass is sturdier than plastic. However, in terms of safety, plastics are better since they are not brittle compared to glass.

Better Medicine Storage Unit

When it comes to medicines,plastic jars are the go-to containers, but why is that? Medicine in some ways is far more delicate than food. First of all, medicine is far more expensive than food since it’s not a basic need but it’s a supplementary consumable item. 2nd medicine is made up of different chemicals that require a safer environment so that its effectiveness won’t lessen. It’s also important to remember that any kind of contamination can change medicine into something poisonous that can hurt the body.

So, with all that said, why are jars the best containers for medicine? First of all, the size of the container is a major aspect. Bottles tend to be a bit thinner than jars because they are usually made for liquids and sometimes built for quick consumption. Jars on the other hand have a bigger space because they are wider. Also,plastic jars have a bigger mouth or entrance than bottles which mean it is able to store bigger medicines rather than just liquid. The amount and variety that a plastic jar can carry beats the bottle’s carrying capacity any day.

Business Opportunities

Starting a business is often seen as a very stressful task. One would need a decent number of skills to keep a business going while also being level-headed on how to approach any problems with the least amount of expenditure and effort. Jars may not be able to answer that however, it can help on some of the business aspects.

Business opportunities can come in many ways, however, one of the easiest when it comes to involving containers would be food. Food is an integral part of everyone’s lives, it nourishes and makes everyone happy. In this case, what kind of container should bringer happiness have. A food container should be easy to open, have enough storage space to make sure that a lot of food can be stored, and last but not least, it should be safe for humans to use. And all of these things can be provided by BPA-free plastic jars.

Plastic jars also have a great space for marketing and advertising. Adding a custom label to an empty jar can easily increase marketability and customer attention. Slap in a great logo and the nutrition and that food business is one step closer to success.

To know more about custom labels, check out this page.

Stop Bottling it Up and Start Jarring

Plastic jars may come as just an ordinary container, but carefully seeing how distinct it is compared to bottles and buckets, it’s easy to see how it was able to find its own awesome purpose. Being able to mix between the portability of bottles and the wide space that buckets provide,plastic jars are truly an engineering masterpiece.

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