Awesome Facts about Plastic Lids

May 17th 2021

Plastic Lids can be seen as a very small part of the plastic container family, but there are great and awesome things about plastic lids that may be alien to most people. Some have found joy, while others saw plastic lids as a great and flexible tool.

Lids are the 1st Tamper Evident Device

Tamper-evident devices are usually just add-on materials to help notify people if something has been tampered with. This is a very important security measure since this is a visual aid that can easily alert someone without further investigation. These can come in as adhesive tape, custom labels, and aluminum tear tops.

However, the very 1st tamper-evident device is the lid. Lids are mainly designed to cover up containers and buckets without fail, but old lids were made of metal that may cause toxic side effects to some items. This problem has been fixed by the Plastic Lid, because modern plastic lids are food-grade and BPA free.

Contamination Prevention

Lids are the 1st layer of protection to food and items. They stop germs and air from contaminating food while providing way to keep food fresh without much hassle. This is very clear in closed spaces like storage areas, factories, and refrigerators.

What makes plastic lids more special is that it’s efficient and convenient to recreate and also safe to use. Plastic Lids are designed to not have any toxic effects when it comes to food contact and does not have any problems with cleaning materials as well.

The biggest takeaway of Plastic Lids that it’s the safest and most effective way to stop outside contamination.

Lid Sizes have Different Sizes and a Lot of DIY Potential

Lids can come in with the containers or can be bought separately as extra parts. This is by design because lids and containers are listed as consumer items and not just as specific made-to-order items. This is great because this means that lids which are the easiest to lose when it comes to the container combo, are easier to replace and buy as stock.

Since lids have a wide range of users, it also has a wide range of sizes to suit different uses and needs. The most common use of a lid is to cover up buckets and containers but after a while, some people have come up with some great and innovative ideas when it comes to using lids.

All of these ideas are possible because plastic lids are food grade and BPA free, this means that these plastic lids will not harm the people using them because it does not harbor any toxic materials.

Here are some interesting DIY projectswith plastic lids

DIY Corkboard

Corkboards are great tools when it comes to productivity. They help people to gather, post and inform others about their thoughts, plans and ideas. They are very common in households, offices, and constructions, further supporting this claim as a very diverse, flexible, and important productivity tool.

The good thing with corkboards is that they are somewhat easy to create with simple yet distinct items. The material may not be made out of cork but it needs to be malleable and flexible to accommodate constant piercings from sharp items like tacks. This is why plastic lids are great base materials to make a DIY corkboard. Plastic lids have enough depth for tacks to go through without hitting any surfaces behind the plastic lid.

Creating the DIY corkboard requires at least 5 to 10 lids, glue, and a string. Create a web-like wall of plastic lids and glue them up together. Create a holder with the string so that it can be hanged with hooks. And there you go; you just created your very own DIY Corkboard.

Bird Food Coasters

This is perfect the gardeners and garden owners. Birds are great as natural pollinators; they can carry pollen from different gardens adding variety to the flower and plant mix. They are also natural pest killers since they feed on bugs that kill plants. However, since they don’t have a solid route, it’s quite hard to expect their help all the time.

This is why bird feeding is a thing. Adding bird food in gardens attracts and incentivizes birds to constantly visit and stay. Providing food for the birds is the best way to tell birds that they are wanted and needed.

Making this DIY Bird Food Coaster requires a plastic lid, string, and hooks. Create holes on the edges of the plastic lid and create a handle by passing the string through the holes. Then create a hook line in the garden to mount the DIY Bird Food Coaster. Remember to place this on a high area to make sure the birds won’t be disturbed by other animals. Also, remember to get food grade and BPA Free plastic lids to make sure that birds won’t get poisoned.

Bonus Tip

Create your own Hockey Game Anytime and Anywhere

Make your own Indoor Hockey Court In any open space of your own home, garden, or park

Items Needed


Plastic Lids

Brooms/Sticks (number depends on teams)

2 Buckets

How to make your court

1) Make sure the play area is clean and free from bystanders

2)Decide on how many players are available

2) Measure the space allowed and space needed for the court

3) Place the buckets on the last ends of the court

Creating the Puck

A single plastic lid may not last as long as a normal puck. It can easily break down with enough force and wear and tear. One of the cool ways to make a great DIY plastic lid puck is to combine 2 plastic lids. Use tape or glue to stick the lids together for a sturdier puck

Playing the game

Remember the rules of sportsmanship and play nicely. Hockey is a very physical sport therefore it’s important that a cool mind and chill game environment is important to avoid any conflicts and to maximize a good time.

Plastic Lids Covers a Lot of Problems

Plastic Lids have contributed a lot to the plastic items being seen as a safety feature. They contributed to food safety and security, and they also sparked creativity and fun in people. Without plastic lid, containers and buckets may have had a different effect on people.

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