Awesome Facts about Plastic Snack Cups

Jul 28th 2021

Snack cups are one of the more common containers used in a household. Because of their smaller size and portable nature, it’s easy to see snack cups everywhere and are used by mostly everyone. Adults can use snack cups for storing their fruits, medicines, or supplements while kids and babies can use these for their afternoon snack or dessert.

However, the discussion with plastic snack cups needs to be addressed, because some facts of plastic snack cups are unknown to most people. Here are awesome facts about Plastic Snack Cups

Plastic Snack Cups are Safe to Use

One of the major concerns with plastics is whether they are safe to use. This is because some plastics are not consumer-friendly and can cause problems to people when ingested. Health problems such as hormone imbalance, cancer, and indiscriminate weight problems are some of the many problems that some plastics can bring to people. But due to rising concerns these kinds of plastic are not used in food packaging anymore.

A quick way to know if a plastic is safe to use is to know if it’s BPA-free. BPA or bisphenol A is a chemical compound that Is used to make plastics stronger. This is the main culprit in giving plastics the image of not being consumer-friendly. Although it is important to note that BPA is still used in industrial plastic items such as paint buckets and plastic containers that do not contain any food. Also, just because it’s BPA-free doesn’t mean that they are not strong, it just means that it’s a plastic container that can be used for eating.

With that said, everyone needs to know that it’s a standard for food companies or plastic companies to use BPA-free plastics when it comes to packaging food. This practice is one of the most researched parts of plastics but ironically, it’s one of the least known in the public. However, when a plastic snack cup is torn or cut open, it’s best to throw it away and use a new one. Pieces of cut plastic can easily get spread in the food that may cause indigestion and other stomach problems.

Plastic Snack Cups are Inexpensive and Cost-Effective

Snack cups come in different materials. It can come in metal, ceramics, and plastic. While metal has that heavy and expensive allure to it and ceramic being the easiest to clean, plastics are mostly seen as the last choice. Metal and ceramic may have an advantage on plastics when it comes to durability and re usability.

However, snack cups are susceptible to lose and accidents. Unlike lunchboxes, snack cups are designed to be smaller and easier to carry, this also means that they are easier to misplace. Snack cups depending on their base material and design can cost up to $5 or $10. One can say that it’s easier to train oneself to be more vigilant but the constant episodes of missing snack cups would like to say otherwise.

It’s also important to remember that most of the users of these snack cups are busy adults and children. People who are always on the go have a higher tendency to lose their stuff. So, with that in mind, it’s more sustainable for a household to have something easily replaceable and cost-effective. A family can easily save a few dollars with plastic snack cups.

Plastic Snack Cups Come in Multiple Designs

Aside from being cost-effective and safe to use, plastic snack cups also have different designs that people can pick for their liking. These designs also apply to metals and ceramics but they usually come in a set and are not designed to have replaceable parts while plastic snack cups are more adaptable.

Plastic Snack Cup with Lid

Plastic Snack Cups with lids are considered to be the most basic of all plastic snack cups. The plastic snack cup with lid combo is easy to find and also easy to use. One of the major benefits of the plastic snack cups with lids is that the cups tend become smaller because of the detached lid. Plastic snack cup lids are also easy since they are made as replaceable parts in mind.

Plastic Snack Cups with Hinged Lids

These plastic snack cups are a bit bigger than the plastic snack cups with lids because of their hinged design. The plastic snack cups are connected to their lid and are considered to be more convenient than the ones with detachable lids. However, these lids are a bit more fragile than the ones with detachable lids since they work on tension and a spring design. These snack cups are mostly used by food companies and restaurants.

Spill-proof Plastic Snack Cups

These special plastic snack cups are mostly designed for children or infants. These special plastic snack cups have a cradle-like base that balances the weight distribution of the snack cup and the food inside. These plastic cups are designed to mitigate food spills when parents are teaching their kids how to eat. This kind of snack cup is also used by some candy companies to add a bit of fun to their packaging.

There are a lot more designs for Plastic Snack Cups, the ones listed above are just one of the more popular choices when it comes to plastic snack cups. Head over to epackagesupply to check up on new packaging items.

Tamper Evident Plastic Snack Cups are Awesome

Tamper evident is not just a marketing buzzword, it’s an important factor in food security. This may sound like a conspiracy or a stretch depending on how one read this, but being on the receiving end of a lot of missing lunches and snacks can easily change one’s perspective. Tamper-evident design is known as an effective way to alert customers that a food package has been tampered with and may not be fresh anymore, it also deters snack stealing of classmates and officemates.

One of the greatest tamper-evident designs for snack cups is epackagesupply's dart-safe seal snack cup. This snack cup has a tamper-evident design called tamper alert that helps its owner see and know if it was tampered with. The snack cup has a tamper alert hinge the protrudes once it has been open. This kind of tamper-evident design is more efficient since it does not use any seal or 3rd part locks. It’s also more efficient since it does not use any extra resources except for its own.

Plastic Snack Cups are Best for Snacking

Plastic Snack Cups may not be the most durable and reusable but they are the most portable and adaptable snack cup in the market. Just like snacks, they are easy to carry and easy to dispose of.

Check out the Plastics 101 guide article to know more about plastics and to know more about ePackageSupply’s snack cups head over to this page.