Benefits of Packaging Tape

Jul 21st 2021

Branding and Marketing

It’s important to remember the power of marketing and branding. These are the essential strategies and studies on being relevant, interesting, engaging, and downright memorable. Some marketing ideas are grand and largely scaled while others are simple yet elegant. A good example of a simple and effective marketing and branding combo is custom labeling.

Custom labels are a great marketing tool because it’s passive and easily recognized. Adding a great custom label to a container or package can create brand recall that increases a brand’s relevance in society. It’s also going to be considered as the face of the package since it will be the one that should easily be recognized by the customer.

A great variant of a custom label is custom tape labels. Design-wise, they are seen as more discrete compared to the custom labels that are printed in front of the boxes. It’s also a design choice since minimalism is a great way to attract customers. It’s also fun merchandise for fans of the brand since it’s similar to trinkets or memorabilia.

Cost-Effective aka Inexpensive

Boxes may seem like an inexpensive average everyday item, but truth be honest they are not. According to this study, the packaging doesn’t only eat one’s financial resource, it also eats a lot of time. Finding the right box requires a lot of research on measurement, durability, label area, and especially backup boxes. However, it turns out that packaging tape can easily shave off some of the expenses and anxiety from the research.

Everything has a limit; this saying is very clear especially for boxes. Paper and cardboard boxes are known to be very durable but after a few uses, they can easily be susceptible to scratches, tears, and unwanted holes. Once a box has any of the imperfections it’s only a matter of time until it falls apart. But with package tape, boxes can get a 2nd chance of being useful. Just wrap some packaging tape around the problem areas and it will be good to go.

It’s also important to take note that businesses can greatly benefit from packaging tape when it comes to cost. As mentioned above, packaging tape is a great marketing and packaging tool however it’s also a great cost-effective plan. Businesses can easily scout normal boxes instead of looking for box companies that can do custom logos for them. Business owners can easily add their labels or brands onto the packaging tape while they scout for normal boxes that can shave off their expenses.

Tamper Evident

One of the most important things in terms of packaging is assurance. Being able to instantly see if something has been tampered with is a very crucial and essential part of modern packaging designs. This easily distinguishable kind of design is called tamper-evident design. It’s a design that helps people in identifying if something has been tampered with. These designs range from morphing labels, creating imperfections, and leaving marks.

Packaging tapes are also designed with tamper-evident technology. Some packaging tapes use a different kind of adhesive that heavily sticks on the container to make sure that it leaves a mark when ripped off. There also packaging tapes that have velcro-like hooks that leave a mark on the tape rather than the item packaging. It’s also good to note that tamper-evident packaging tape is a lot cheaper than having tamper-evident packaging since packaging tape is easier to produce because of its smaller size. Businesses can easily mass produce tamper-evident tape that can save them on costs

Choices for Specific Security

Damage expense is an important part of calculating one's loss. A damaged package can mean opportunity costs, delivery anxiety, loss of consumer interest, and a whole lot of unwanted and negative feelings over an unsecured package. One of the most basic layers of protection a packaging tape can provide is adding custom labels. Adding a simple “please handle with care” or “fragile” can give the couriers enough knowledge to know if a package needs extra care. However, because of constant packaging tape research and development, there are other kinds of packaging tape that provide specific levels of security or use. Here are some examples.

Transparent packaging tapes are mostly used for simple and light packages. They provide a moderate amount of sealing and are perfect for those fancy items because of their glossy finish. It’s also the most basic form of packaging tape and is widely available in most hardware stores.

Parcel packaging tapes are known more for their temperature regulating feature. It uses a mix of glue and polypropylene to create an adhesive that won’t be peeled off in cold temperatures. These tapes are mostly used in the food industry since food is mostly delivered by refrigerated bulk containers. They are also perfect for seafood packaging since they don’t lose effectivity when it comes in contact with water.

Labeled packaging as said earlier are packaging tapes that have texts to help give the couriers, receivers a heads up on what the package is. Besides the obvious texts, labeled packages are also used for QR codes, expiration dates, and location tracking. The labeled packaging tapes have probably saved a lot of packages and their owners from stress and opportunity costs

Water-activated adhesive packaging tapes are special tapes that use an adhesive that strengthens when it comes in contact with water. This packaging tape is mostly used for deliveries that go by boat and for seafood. This kind of tape is also great for rainy seasons and wet places.

Vinyl tapes are probably the strongest kind of packaging tape. They are the thick usually dark-colored packaging tapes that can be seen in airports or industrial packages. They are heavy-duty and industrial-grade; this means that they require a high amount of force before they break. They are also the kind of tape that clamps down hard to the container and can sometimes leave marks, so be careful when using this tape.

Choose What Sticks

It’s important to remember that packaging tape is an important part of the packaging industry. It’s a great deterrent for small issues while also the best way to stop big problems from getting bigger. They also cost less than a new package itself.

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