Can You Stack 5 Gallon Buckets With Gamma Lids?

Dec 16th 2021

Everyone knows that 5 gallon buckets are great for storing and keeping food fresh, but how do you store the buckets themselves? There are many methods for storing 5 gallon buckets, but not all of these storage methods are created equal. In this article, we’ll discuss various storage solutions for your 5 gallon food storage buckets with gamma lids and explain what can go wrong if you fail to store these handy buckets incorrectly.

What Are Gamma Seal Lids?

First things first, let’s talk about Gamma LidsⓇ. A gamma seal lid* is a screw-on lid model that allows you to reseal and reuse your 5 gallon bucket over time. Although most 5 gallon bucket lids are technically reusable, the gamma seal lid is the most durable and practical lid for buckets that will be opened and shut multiple times. In addition to their reusability, the gamma seal lid’s rubber seal makes it leak-proof and airtight, which is ideal for food storage. We’ve listed a few of the most useful features of a gamma seal lid below, just to give you an idea of how these lids function and why they are so useful.

Can You Stack 5 Gallon Buckets With Gamma Lids?

Gamma Seal Lid Features

  • Prevents moisture and bugs from infiltrating your food supply
  • Made of BPA free and food grade materials
  • Easy to open and reseal multiple times
  • Keeps food fresh - especially dry food
  • Comes with two leak proof gaskets
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Stack-able to an extent

Storing Loose Gamma Seal Lids

Storing loose Gamma Lids for 5 gallon buckets and other bucket containers is fairly straightforward since the lids are quite easy to stack. Of course, in applications where hundreds of lids are used, it would be impractical to make one giant stack of lids without a proper storage method in place. Here are just a couple of examples of how you can efficiently store your gamma 5 gallon bucket lids to optimize organization and prevent damage.

  1. Securely stack the lids and place them into multiple storage bins
  2. Use kitchen lid organizers to neatly layer your lids in any storage space

Although storing loose gamma seal lids is a fairly easy and straightforward process, storing buckets with lids on them is a bit more complicated; especially when you consider how heavy food storage buckets with Gamma Lids can get once they’re filled with various food items. Because there is so much to consider, we’ll discuss different ways you can properly store 5 gallon buckets with Gamma Lids in the section below.

Stacking 5 Gallon Buckets with Lids

You want to be very careful when stacking 5 gallon buckets because if you stack too many heavy buckets on top of each other, the lids or the buckets themselves will break. This could cause a number of issues including:

  • All of the contents of your bucket spill out
  • Bugs get in and contaminate your food supply
  • Moisture and air gets in and causes food to spoil

Even if you’re storing non-food items, if the bucket or lid is cracked then water and all sorts of other elements could damage the contents of your bucket.

How Much Weight Can You Put on a 5 Gallon Bucket With a Lid?

Firstly, let’s discuss how much weight a 5 gallon bucket can hold. 5 gallon buckets can support about 125 pounds of weight when being carried by the handle, depending on the thickness of the plastic used to make the bucket and the durability of the handle. Therefore, if you intend to move your 5 gallon bucket around by the handle, it’s best to keep the weight limit at 125 pounds.

However, if you plan to stack your buckets when storing, you should keep their weight lower than 125 lbs. With gamma seal lids, it is best to avoid stacking buckets too high if the contents of your buckets are over 100 lbs. Even extremely durable gamma seal lids, like the ones sold by ePackageSupply, can succumb to strain if too much weight is applied to them over a long period of time.

Stacking 5 gallon buckets can also become impractical if the stacks are too high for one person to reach and safely bring down to the ground. We recommend only stacking 3 buckets at the most.

5 Gallon Bucket Storage Solutions

Thankfully, there are many other storage solutions that present much less risk compared to stacking 5 gallon buckets with Gamma Lids on top of one another. Here are just a few efficient bucket storage solutions:

  1. Bucket storage shelving units: 5 gallon bucket storage shelving units are extremely useful. 5 gallon shelving units allow you to access each bucket without having to take apart the entire structure and are also angled to allow for easier access to your buckets. You can easily buy a bucket shelving unit online or make one yourself out of wood if you want to make a more custom build.
  2. Adjustable bucket monkey bars: These monkey bar shelving units are more adjustable than other types and allow you to tilt your buckets at multiple angles. Most bucket monkey bars can hold up to 9 5 gallon buckets at a time and are made of durable steel that can hold up to 400 lbs.

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