Facts and Fun Ideas for Corrugated Boxes

Jun 21st 2021

Boxes are probably the 1st thing a person can think when deliveries are involved. Those square brown box that holds items without fail. The iconic box has changed throughout the years because of the changing times. People are packing up heavier items, and sometimes the average box is not enough.

To fight that heavy battle, corrugated boxes were created. This new kind of box has been carrying the heavier load that a normal box can’t. To explain this awesome new type of box, here are some quick facts and some ideas to help anyone know kind of awesome benefits a corrugated box can bring.

Paper Bags vs Cardboard vs Corrugated Box

When it comes to paper containers or boxes, there are 3 basic choices. Paper bags, Cardboard and Corrugated boards have only one thing in common is they are made of tree pulp which is the fundamental item for paper. However, their similarities end there. Each container has their own benefits, unique attributes and usage

Paper bags are the most basic in terms of people’s use and perception. They are smaller than cardboard and corrugated boards but they are more flexible. Paper bags are mostly made out of kraft paper, this means that paper bags are made out of a paper material that’s flexible, elastic and has a high tear resistance. However, they do not absorb water properly and gets wet easily. Paper bags are mostly seen in as shopping bags and groceries. They are mostly for carrying light items, groceries being the heaviest.

Cardboard boxes are made up of heavy paper-pulp that is responsible for the thick outer layer of these boxes. Cardboard boxes are the go-to packaging material when it comes to delivery but that doesn’t mean that they can deliver any item. Cardboard boxes may be thick but they are not as durable as the corrugated boards. However, they are perfect for shipping small and soft item such as cloths, vegetables, and paper items.

Corrugated boxes are the boxes for the big jobs. They are usually used for the heavier items and they are also known to absorb shock and pressure because of its design. The corrugated board still uses the same heavy pulp as the cardboard but it uses a sandwich design to accommodate some shocks.

These 3 paper bags may all come tree sap, but the uses are totally different that comparing them might be a bit too complicated, however important when it comes to use.

Corrugated Boxes are more durable

As mentioned above, corrugated boxes are the most durable type of paper containers/box, but why is that? If they have the same material as normal cardboards, then what makes it special? What makes the sandwich design better than the current thick outer layer of the cardboard?

The sandwich design of the corrugated boxes is a beautiful story when it comes to engineering. It starts with 3 layers of cardboard, then the middle layer will be folded to look like waves which is called fluting.Fluting is a way to create air pockets that helps any material become breathable, flexible and more durable.

The air pockets help in absorbing the item’s weight or outside shock to keep the physical integrity of the corrugated box.These air pockets also create a spring like platform that distributes force and tension all over the box, this destresses the box’s surface making it more durable and resistant to breakage. The air pockets design also helps in preventing water from seeping through the box. The air pockets create a breathable atmosphere that helps in containing the water from spreading throughout the box.

Corrugated boxes are customizable

Customization is a very interesting topic when it comes to containers. Since the containers are a bit too simple in terms of use, one wouldn’t think much about the customization. The idea of customization towards containers and packaging might be as simple as adding one’s custom label or tamper evident seals. But, customization in corrugated boxes is popular and important.

The design of corrugated box is as follows, it has 3 layers and the middle layers is fluted to create air pockets. The middle layer is the very important part of the design since it creates the extra durability of the box. However, some designers have found out that the middle layer can be of a different material. This means that there’s an extra layer of depth for customization that corrugated boxes have over normal cardboard boxes.

To create a more water-resistant corrugated box, the middle layer of the box will be made up of Styrofoam. To have a springier and light weight corrugated box, hardened kraft paper will be used as the middle layer. These kinds of variances and customization is what makes corrugation the better box when it comes to a broader range of storage.

Corrugated Boxes are Great Materials for Home Arts and Crafts

Boxes are very important to artists, DIY enthusiasts and kids. They are great base materials to have fun with since they are very flexible. However, normal cardboard boxes can become a problem. Since some projects require the same material but with a bit more in terms of durability. Also imagine letting the kids play on something that might break in the long run.

Here are some great home arts and crafts using corrugated boxes.

Cat Scratching Post


This is for the cat lovers out there. Cats are natural hunters. They will hunt anything and they will continue to hunt even if they don’t have anything to hunt for. (This is for all those house cats who still think that food isn’t provided to them) So as a hunter, they will try to sharpen their claws on anything that is hard but not hard enough that will it will break their claws.

The usual targets are walls, wooden chairs, and table legs. Cats will target these like how they target small animals, without hesitation. A quick and expensive solution is getting them a scratching post but scratching posts are a bit more expensive and can actually harm your cat if you buy the wrong one.

Luckily, corrugated cardboards are a good solution for your furry feline’s scratching habit. The flutes of the corrugated boxes are perfect for the cat’s desire to scratch on something that’s semi-hard. The wave like ribs gives them that satisfying sensation that they look for in wood. The best part of corrugated boxes is that they are affordable and easy to find.

Play House for Kids

Kids should be encouraged to widen their imagination. With the current advancements of technology, it can be problematic for children if they end up if their imagination is fueled by video games or watching videos online. They might end up seeing that their creativity is only fueled by technology and not by the world around them. They need to see something that something simple and mundane can be turned into something grand and awesome.

A great suggestion is to create a corrugated box house or maze. The grand appeal of being able to create a house out of simple materials can ignite the imagination of any child. By creating small rooms and if one is very creative create different floors, this can help a child understand that the basis of imagination comes from simplicity. Also, using corrugated boxes can assure a parent that their kid will be playing with safer materials.

Created for a More Durable Purpose

Corrugated boxes aren’t that fancy but they are however an important part of packaging history. Having a design that’s bold enough to challenge the norm and being able to achieve greater use is a statement that a select few can say, and the corrugated box is one of them.

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