Faqs about White Bottles

Nov 16th 2021

White Bottles have Different Names

White Bottles are one of the most used containers by consumers and businesses. They have a very simple and sleek design which is perfect for storage, marketing, and labeling. White Bottles have a very big presence that it was able to garner a lot of names.. Here are a few examples of the White Bottles other aliases

Medicine Bottles

White Bottles are also known as Medicine Bottles when it comes to pharmacy use. Pharmacies usually stock up on white bottles since they have a clean aesthetic and are easy to label. Being easy to add custom labels is a factor that Pharmacies require since one wrong prescription can cause the life of a patient. White Bottles are also designed to be food grade which is also another factor that medicines require of a storage container.

Packer Bottles

Another name for White Bottles is Packer Bottles. Packer Bottles are containers that are commonly used by the powdered food business. These are the food businesses that handle powdered milk, supplements, seasoning, and spices. Packer Bottles aside from their capacity to store food properly are known to be very durable. Most Packer Bottles that are used with food are made up of PET or HDPE. They are plastic resins that are very durable, and flexible which is important for storing food items.

Plastic Utility Bottles

White Bottles instantly become Plastic Utility Bottle when they reach households. They are a plastic container that’s bigger and more useful than the average plastic bottle after all. Plastic Utility Bottles are used for storing household items such as snacks, spices, dry food, pet food, tools storage, and so much more. White Bottles are also made up of materials that have a high-temperature limit which is important for storing a wide variety of items. They are also very custom label-friendly which means that it’s easier for the family to know which plastic utility bottle is the container for that awesome batch of cookies.

White Bottles are Made up of Different Materials

When it comes to White Bottles, Packer Bottles, and Medicine Bottles, it’s important to know which materials they are made up of. Since they are known and marketed as versatile storage devices, their users must know the capacity, strengths, and weaknesses of these bottles. Luckily for them, they only need to decide on 2 types of materials. These 2 materials are HDPE and PET, both of these materials fall under the plastic category but both have unique characteristics that define them from one another.


HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene are specialized plastics that are made up of special gases and petroleum. HDPE is known to be very strong since they are designed to be impact resistant, which is important for carrying liquids like juices and dairy products. They also have a high-temperature resistance which means that they can be stored in hot and freezing temperatures, just make sure that it does not store anything that’s boiling. They are also resistant to weather-related issues since they are impact resistant which is important for deliveries.

HDPE is known as plastic that’s light and durable at the same time. This is why companies that dabble in hiking, sports, and extreme sports also use HDPE for their gear to make sure that they can make strong, light, and very affordable products. HDPE is also very easy to recycle, however it is important to consult the state’s recycling rules because each state has differen recycling rules.


PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate is a type of plastic that is made from polyester which is also a very common material for clothes and fabrics. Because PET bottles are lighter and less dense than HDPE, they can withstand a lot more damage compared to HDPE, however, they can be easily crushed and deformed. PET Bottles are also very lightweight which is perfect for storing on-the-go drinks which is perfect for on-the-go people. It’s important to remember the difference of PET and HDPE since weight offers a big factor in terms of delivery and costs.

PET bottles are highly recyclable and can be used more than once. This is also the reason why people tend to have a lot of PET Bottle projects such as DIY ideas and science related projects. It’s important to see the important of reusability especially with items such as plastics.

White Bottles are Food Grade

One of the biggest hurdles of plastic usage used to be toxicity. Plastics used to be created using a chemical called BPA or Bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is a hardening agent that is responsible for making plastics durable and flexible. However, Bisphenol A is a chemical that helps in hormone growth in the body which creates problems such as high blood pressure, cancer, and even problem with brain development. This is why plastics used to have the stigma that they shouldn’t be used when it comes to storing food.

However, this is no longer the case. Plastic technology has evolved and found ways to make plastics more durable without using BPA. This is why when looking for plastics, always look for BPA Free.

White Bottles are Perfect for Business

One of the hurdles of food businesses is finding the perfect container. There seem to be a lot of options but not all of them are optimal for the job. Food Containers need to be shatterproof, easy to label, and can hold different kinds of food. A good example of an optimal food container is the ever-reliable White Bottle or Packer Bottle. White Bottles are also perfect for transport since they are impact-proof and high temperature resistant. Packer Bottles also work well with custom labels because of their white surface which is similar to an empty canvas.

White Bottles are the Superior Bottles

White Bottles are the industry standard when it comes to food, medicine, and supplements. They are perfect for storage and the easiest to add custom labels on.

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