Fun Activities and some Facts about Plastic Cups

May 10th 2021

Plastics cups are a staple when it comes to parties, offices, school, and picnics. Commonly used for drinks, plastic cups have also been used in other activities such as planting and arts. This is possible because plastic cups are of the 1st plastic items that are food grade. This means that plastic cups are not toxic and will never cause any problems to people.

Here are some interesting ways of using plastic cups and an interesting new kind of plastic cup.

Art Ideas and Activities

One’s imagination is fueled by one inspiration and needs. This is why DIY is such a strong avenue for expressing oneself. It mixes the power of creativity along with the urgency of one’s needs. Kidding aside, plastic cups have been an important staple in arts and crafts. They are used as common art materials while also being containers for other art materials.

Here are some artistic plastic cup arts and DIYs for everyone to try

Plastic Cup Phone

This simple arts and crafts project can be considered as the mother of all plastic cup projects. The plastic cup phones have inspired many children (and aspiring engineers) in finding creative ways of play and also as a gateway to expand their creative horizons.

The simplicity and elegance of 2 plastic cups with a string to make a simple one-line phone is the perfect way to entice children to boost their creativity. This can help them start finding their discoveries that can lead to personal growth and development.

The Plastic Cups Phone is pretty simple to do. Here are 3 easy steps

  1. Cut a small hole on the bottom of the cups
  2. Insert the string inside the cups to create a phone line
  3. Lock the string by tying a knot as a lock-in each cup
Party and Mood Lights with Plastic Cups

Lighting and Colors have been proven to affect mood since it’s an instant visual setup. Light colors can provide a smooth and chill atmosphere while darker colors can portray seriousness and some levels of coolness. Knowing when to use these lighting techniques can help in making any occasion better.

A neat Mood Light DIY hack is to use colored plastic cups as light accents. A detachable light accent plastic cup to create a set of different atmospheres is perfect for any occasion. A quick unplanned party with friends? No problem, just attach some blue and red cups to your light to create the party vibe.

To make these detachable light accent plastic cups, you would need different colored cups, scissors, and tape. Cut open the cups to create a cone-like opening, then wrap said plastic cup to a light bulb. Use adhesive tape to seal the cone to the bulb and presto! You now have an awesome mood light accent.

Plastic Cup Puppets

Puppet shows are an amazing way to tell great stories. It requires a lot of creativity and awareness to make sure that the puppets are engaging well with the story and audience. It’s also a very common storytelling device used to teach and entertain kids. A lot of educators, parents, and entertainers tend to make their DIY puppets and most of them start with plastic cups.

Plastic cups are also known as a great material for creating puppets. The cup’s hole is perfect for puppet manipulation which is the most important part of puppetry. The plastic material is great for adding the puppet’s features like drawn-in eyes or adding plastic body parts.

Storytelling embodies the artistry of playful acting. Stories and showmanship can bring forth a myriad of inspiration and creativity to your audience. With the right tools and innovation, a crafty storyteller can tap make something simple (like a humble plastic cup) into something epic.

Seed Starter Cup

Seed starting is a planting method in which seeds are planted in a more contained environment for them to start growing. Seedlings are usually planted in a smaller environment to make sure that they are inside an environment that’s well suited for their needs. Seedlings are also very sensitive to soil; some require dry soil while some require wet soil.

Plastic cups are mostly used as the effect seed starting biosphere. They can carry enough soil for seeds to grow into while providing enough soil depth for seeds to get enough nutrients without suffocation. (Yes, plants get suffocated too) It’s also important to use food-grade BPA Free plastic cups to make sure that the plants won’t be harmed by toxic materials.

Farmers and gardeners use this method to make sure that the seeds they use will grow properly and without any problems. After the seeds have started growing, they are usually placed in a more conventional seedbed so that they can grow in a more optimized biosphere that is usually backed up by mother nature’s nourishment.

Versalite Plastics Cups are Designed for Hot and Cold Drinks

People tend to think that plastic cups can only handle cold drinks since plastics have always been unable to carry hot and boiling water. Also, plastics are known to melt and release toxic materials which are very bad for people and the environment. This has been the common consensus with plastics and heat.

However, this changed when Versalite for Cold and Hot Drinks Plastic Cup came in. Versalite Polypropylene Plastics were made with different temperatures in mind. The Versalite cups are designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, without any problems or toxic buildup.

This kind of cup is perfect for picnics, school, and the office. Being able to drink any kind without having to think twice if this will be harmful or wasteful is a pretty convenient upgrade when it comes to plastic cups.

Here’s a link to know more about versalite cups.

A Small Cup with a Big Purpose

The use of plastic cups has been very popular in more ways than we can think of. It’s flexible and portable meaning that it can be brought anywhere without any problems. The plastic cups may have helped in quenching our thirst but they also helped other people in so many ways.

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