Fun and Interesting Activities with White Bottles

Nov 19th 2021

Create Dioramas with White Bottles

They say that imagination is the key to developing a better mindset. Being able to come up with ideas on the fly or have fun with little to no tools is a great way to develop creativity which is also fueled by the power of imagination. This is also why the best toys to develop creativity are the ones that don’t have a distinct shape or form but can instill a creative way of play that helps everyone see what their imagination can do.

Toys like legos and blocks are perfect examples of the kind of toys that help people grow their imagination. The blocks are shaped simply and elegantly that anyone can find a way to build something they like. Once a person understands what simple toys can do, they can start crafting new toy materials out of simple yet robust items like White Bottles.

White Bottles are the perfect materials to craft toys with. They can be shatterproof and impact friendly depending on which material the white bottle is made of, and they are solid enough that they won’t easily bend after too much use. A great example of playing with White Bottles is creating models for a diorama. Dioramas are model scales of scenes or scenery and are the perfect avenue to showcase one’s imagination. One can use White Bottles to create small houses or buildings, just cut them, paint them, and plan their location, and voila, a White Bottle Diorama Artist is born.

Make Puppets with White Bottles

Puppets are great tools for storytelling and also a great way to tickle one’s artistic side. Being able to put on a puppet show is being able to constantly think of the puppet’s movement, the pace of the story, and the reaction of the crowd. It’s a performative kind of art that embeds the power of literature in one awesome package.

Puppets are also a great tool to help oneself be more confident. Some actors suggest that puppetry can help battle stage fright since it’s a way for a person to interact with the audience without having to show their face, and it can eventually help them move forward and act without the help of a puppet. Therapists are also known to use puppets as a medium to communicate with someone who was gone through rough times.

The power of puppetry can be easily wielded by anyone as long as they know the materials on how to make a puppet. Puppets require a nice space for the hand so it can be manipulated as puppets should.White Bottles have a white surface that’s perfect for adding puppet faces, similar to a whiteboard. They are also shatterproof, which means that the puppet won’t have to go through continuous maintenance. Last but not the least, White Bottles can accommodate most hand sizes, just make sure to cut the opening funnel.

Save Money with Piggy Banks made out of White Bottles

Saving up is something of a hard task these days. It’s mostly a juggle between saving up or rewarding oneself, and it’s quite a herculean task. Rewarding oneself with loose change can be a nice thing to do from time to time but constantly using up spare change can easily rack up the cost. A dollar meal can easily become $10 in 10 days and imagine the savings if one just stayed at home and ate a home-cooked meal.

A good way to save up loose change is to store them in a container that doesn’t have any way for the person saving up to see what’s inside. Usually, a piggy bank does the job, but breaking a perfectly nice pig sculpture is a big waste of money. A great way to solve this loose change problem is to store them in a container that’s not see-through, has enough space, and doesn’t break so easily, like the ever-reliable White Bottle.

Embrace Nature with Bird Feeders made out of White Bottles

In terms of wild animals on one’s lawn, birds are probably the most helpful. They don’t destroy property; they chirp nicely and they can help with soil preparation by clearing out pests. This is why gardeners invest in buying or making birdhouses so that birds can stay and act as nature’s natural garden help.

However, birdhouses are expensive. The birdhouse plus the installation can cost a lot and it’s also a gamble since birds may not like the house. A good and economical way is to create a DIY birdhouse that can house a bird properly while protecting one’s wallet. White Bottles are perfect birdhouse materials since they are strong enough to house birds and their eggs and are wallet-friendly.

DIY Indoor Bowling with White Bottles

When it comes to playing inside the house, the options are pretty limited. One has to make sure that no furniture can become casualties while also retaining the excitement of play. This is why most sporty activities or physical play are done outside the house, however, there are exceptions to this rule. There have been efforts in making or converting outdoor play into something a bit more suited to indoors.

One great example is bowling. Bowling is a sport that requires heavy balls and pins that may break or create furniture casualties; however, DIY indoor bowling doesn’t do any of that. A DIY Indoor Bowling setup is a very simple and effective way to have fun indoors without losing anything significant from the game. Just get 10 White Bottles that will act as pins, a small rubber ball, and voila, a DIY Indoor Bowling Set that’s not destructive to furniture is born.

White Bottles are Built for Fun

White Bottles may come as a simple container, but with enough creativity and motivation, they can become the most fun item in the house.

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