Great Uses of Rubber Mallets for Containers

Aug 20th 2021

Help Tighten Lids and Corks

When it comes to container protection,the very first layer of protection are the lids. Lids are designed to make sure that the insides of the container are safe from contaminants and accidental spills. The oldest kind of lid would probably be the cork, which is still seen in most alcoholic beverages such as wine and barrels. But sometimes lids can be a source of frustration. Some containers and their lids have specific ways for sealing and this may come as a problem.

The design of lids and containers are as follows, screw type, cork type, and add-on top lids. Screw-type lids have multi-layered ribs that help the container and lid to lock into each other. The screw design is a great way to help people easily close a container but constant use can easily dull the screw’s ribs making it lose and accident-prone. Cork types and Add-on Top kinds of lids do not have this problem however they do need the help of tools like the ever-handy rubber mallet

Cork types and Add-on Top lids are lids that are designed to make use of the container’s mouth space. Cork types are designed to go inside the opening of the container and stay there until pulled, while add-on top lid types are designed to create tension between the lid and container. These 2 lids require force and tension to install, and this is where the problem comes in. Ordinary people do not have the strength required to securely lock lids like corks and heavy-duty add-on top lids. They need the extra help of the mallet to hammer down these lids to create that layer of protection.

Help Open Tightly Seal Lids and Tamper Evident Packaging

Tightly sealed lids are great examples o fa double-edged sword. It’s great for the consumers since food can be preserved properly but it's also a case for wrap rage.Companies that handle these kinds of items need to make sure their containers are accident-proof and free from contamination. These efforts have led to massive convenience to consumers while also another form of wrap rage.

To those who don’t know, wrap rage is a form of annoyance/anger that can lead to high levels of rage because of hard-to-open packaging. The justification of the hard-to-open packaging is a combination of security, toxic avoidance and to some extent theft, but finding the balance between consumer convenience and content safety is a balance that has a long way to go. So,to combat wrap rage, tools have been created and one of them creates a great impact.

The rubber mallet is mostly seen as a tool to help to hammer down nails or to break items, but as it turns out the rubber mallet is a big help in the opening of the annoying lids category. Slightly hammering or drumming the container with a mallet releases the tension that keeps the container and the lid together. Rubber mallets are also required when it comes to opening packages that have safety locks as tamper-evident design.

Help Install Gamma Seal Lids

As mentioned above, lids come in different designs, sizes, and forms. These lid designs are engineering feats that continue to help people in making sure that their food is safely packed inside a container. However, these lids are always being contested by wear and tear. The ribs that are needed for the container and lid to lock are dulled down due to continuous use of force and tension. This becomes a major problem since containers are used for storage which requires some amount of security. Having a dull locking mechanism causes accidental spills and spoilage.

A solution for this is to make sure that all containers are in top shape by either using them sparingly or throw away the ones with the dull screw lids but there is a more cost-effective way. The gamma seal lids are add on lids that replace the initial mouth or opening of the container. It uses a 2-lid system wherein the 1st lid acts as the adapter while the 2nd lid is the screw-type lid. Gamma seal lids can easily replace any dull opening or mouths of containers or lids to give containers a 2nd chance to be used.

So how are gamma sealed lids installed? Gamma sealed lids like any other lids use force and tension to keep themselves on top of the container’s opening. However, since the gamma seal lids tend to be a tight fit, some force is needed for it to be installed. This is where the rubber mallet comes in handy. Just hammer down the gamma seal lid onto the top of the container and it’s good to go.

Another important fact about gamma seal lids is that they are mostly made as replacements for 3.5 to 5 Gallon Lids. This is important since most items that are stored in those lids have a bigger need to be sealed tightly. Items such as big food proportions or liquids such as stock and syrups.It’s also essential to learn lid sizes when it comes to installing gamma seal lids because a wrong measurement can lead to breakage, unwanted leaks, and possible contamination.

Since installing gamma seal lids requires a mallet, if ever the wrong size is installed, the tension and force being applied can easily break the gamma seal lid and the bucket. That is why it’s important to remember that 3.5 to 5 Gallon Lids are the only buckets that are perfect for gamma seal lid installation.

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Hammer Out Container Deformities

Containers are tools that are designed to handle storage. They are designed to protect the items stored inside and make sure nothing can get inside that leads to contamination. That is why most containers are made with materials that are flexible and malleable. Materials like plastics and metals are well known to be materials that expand, and distort. They also absorb some stress and force that prevents breakage and tearing.

However, if a container is left in a distorted state, it can cause problems when it comes to storing items. The distorted or bent parts of the container can lead to holes that can expose the item inside. It’s also harder to store if a distorted container can’t properly fit inside the space provided. A good way to stop this is to hammer the deformities with a rubber mallet. Restoring the container’s form makes it easier to store and easier to preserve.

Rubber Mallets Hammer Down the Competition

Rubber mallets are the perfect utility mallets when it comes to containers since the rubber is chemical resistant and scratch-resistant. Making it perfect for long-term use.

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