Plastic Bucket Sizes And What They Can Do

Aug 13th 2021

Published by Marc Allen Tan on Aug 13th 2021

32 oz. Plastic Buckets

Kiddie Toys or Containers for Toys

The value of imagination comes from the idea of changing the mundane. Being able to see that some things can be morphed or change into something else is a great way to see how the world can be shaped by one's imagination and effort. This is why it’s important to bestow the power of education to children since they are the future. As dramatic as it sounds, that is the weight and value of imagination.

Now, how can a simple plastic bucket help in this endeavor towards enlightenment? One of the best ways to show this is through play. A parent can introduce a child to a toy made from a bucket or create puppets for storytelling. The 32 oz. A plastic bucket is also great for play since the size is just right for children to play with.However, if creating a toy out of a plastic bucket is too hard, parents can always use plastic buckets as a sandbox toy.

The 32 oz. Plastic Bucket is also a great toy container. It’s big enough to carry toys like dolls, action figures and blocks while also small enough that a kid can easily carry it. It's a great way to teach children how to be organized while also teaching them that portable containers are awesome.

Snack Buckets


A great snack comes with 3 properties. First of all, it must be filling. 2nd, it should be able to give a great sense of satisfaction. Last but not the least, it should be easy to consume. These 3 factors are the hallmarks of what makes a great snack but they can be better. Imagine if snacks came in a great container, a kind of container that is small enough to carry around while also big enough to carry a lot of bite-sized snacks. Well, look no further, because the 32 oz. plastic bucket is perfect for the job.

The 32 oz. plastic bucket is a perfect size to put in those delectable bite-sized snacks. It’s also the perfect size for storing in the fridge if ever the snacks require cold temperatures. One of the greatest things about storing snacks in buckets is that bucket lids can still protect the snacks from contamination because of the tight lids. The lids also work as a sort of vacuum that keeps air out to make sure that the snack stays fresh.

Another benefit of storing snacks on the 32 oz. is wrap rage prevention. Wrap rage is when certain item wrappers are hard to unwrap that causes a certain amount of annoyance that can lead to a case of anger. Wrap rage is the total opposite of convenience and storing snacks in buckets can easily prevent that.

50 oz. Plastic Buckets

Tool Boxes

A great way to save money is to learn how to do DIY house maintenance. House maintenance is a great way to learn more about the inner workings of one’s home while also having a sense of freedom from expensive home services. Getting all the tools in one thing but buying a toolbox is another expense. Toolboxes may cost more than the actual tools and some added bells and whistles can increase the base price.

50 oz. Plastic Buckets on the other hand are a great and cost-effective alternative to toolboxes. They are tall enough to carry long tools while wide enough to accommodate a lot of items. Plastic buckets are also flexible and malleable which means that they won’t break easily.

Food Storage

Storing food is one of the greatest pieces of evidence of human evolution. Being able to save up food to be consumed later has created civilizations, towns, cities, and especially family generations. However, food storage has always been tricky since the methods were pretty old and probably some methods are unusable by today’s standards. One of the most effective ways to store food in the modern day is to use non-toxic, BPA-free food-grade plastic buckets.

BPA-free food-grade plastic buckets are one of the more efficient ways to store food. They have a high freezing limit which is great for storing cold foods and they don’t also absorb liquid which means that they can store soups and stocks. The 50. Oz plastic bucket is also perfect for that mid-range size food storage since it’s wide enough to store soups and stew while also being tall enough to store bigger food items like meat and vegetables.

1 Gallon Plastic Buckets

Homemade Ice Cream Containers

Making homemade ice cream is a mixture of science and passion. Learning how milk and freezing temperatures can turn into something creamier and better is an amazing treat. It’s also a life-changing experience to experiment on ice cream flavors, the possibilities are just endless. However, in this frenzy of chills and sweetness, one can ask what is the perfect container for homemade ice cream?

To store ice cream, a container should be able to have a high freezing limit and the ability to not absorb liquid. BPA-free food grade buckets have both these properties and they are also primed for custom labeling which is great if one wants to start their ice cream business. 1-gallon plastic buckets are the perfect starter pack because, to be honest, a gallon is pretty much what people want when they see ice cream containers.

Plastic Plant Pots

Gardening has been one of the fastest-growing hobbies ever since the pandemic started and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Gardening has helped a lot of people in terms of coping with stress while also being a source of sustainable food supply. So where do plastic buckets come and why do they need to be at least 1 gallon.

Plants need space and security. They need to have a big area to at least be able to grow properly and snug enough to be able to stay firm on the soil. A big plastic bucket can provide a lot of space for soil and enough room for optimal plant growth

5 Gallon Plastic Buckets

Containers for Emergency Food Rations

Food rations should not be lumped with hoarding. Food rations are a great way to ensure that people, families, and communities can thrive in harsh situations. Typhoons, snowstorms, heat waves, and floods are events that can incapacitate a person’s ability to get food. This is why it’s important to understand and see the importance of rationing.

A 5-gallon plastic bucket is a perfect container to store food. The large bucket can be stored with a lot of food that can help a family life for a week or more with proper rationing.

Buckets of Joy

Plastic Buckets are always a great addition to one’s household. They are versatile, varied and toxic-free. Which is perfect for everyone and can be used everywhere.

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