Smart Ways to Use Trash Bags

May 28th 2021

The Trash Bags are built with durability and sanitation in mind, this means that they should be able to handle a bit more than normal plastic bags and also be able to keep odors and germs from spreading. Trash bags are also waterproof because some trash may come with some fluids. These factors are also the reason why trash bags are great in other areas that are not trash-related.

Life Hacks for Unexpected Scenarios

Life can be the best friend or the one that drops the cake before it gets served. The randomness of life can bring a lot of joy but it can also bring the most irritating inconveniences. However, some problems can be easily fixed with a simple trash bag.

Here are some awesome life hacks with Trash Bags

Rainy Day Socks

Weather is quite a tricky thing to deal with. It can go from sunny to rainy in minutes, and what’s worse is that weather guides can fail and may cause some annoyance especially to those who brought umbrellas to a sunny day. Weather is also married to a person’s choice of clothes for the day. Imagine wearing something cool then suddenly a thunderstorm happens, ruining the whole aesthetic.

However, a simple rain may not affect the whole attire but it can certainly affect footwear and especially feet. A common problem with socks is that they don’t properly absorb incoming water since they are usually made of wool or cotton. A good way to protect one’s feet from rain is to replace the socks with trash bags as a temporary solution. Rainwater and small floods won’t be able to get into the trash bag keeping the feet safe from germs and bacteria. Just remember to use the real socks once the rain stops.

Pet Waste Container

Pets are adorable members of any family. They can give peace, happiness, and a lot of cuteness to anyone’s life but they are also one of the best sources of unwanted accidents. Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their pets and responsible pet owners should be able to properly dispose of the wastes of their pets.

Trash bags are the perfect containers for pet waste since they are designed to stop odor and fluid from leaking. The usual black trash bag is great since it also conceals the waste making it a good camouflage. Trash Bags are also more sanitary and durable than regular plastic bags making them the perfect pet waste container.

1st Aid for Car Sickness

A person’s car is like their 2nd room. It’s filled with their personality, belongings, personal stories, and just general quirks that any normal person has. Because of this bond, car owners should make sure that they have a way to protect their cars from unexpected motion sickness.

Motion sickness is a very common problem among people, according to this study, motion sickness occurs in one out of 3 Americans. With this statistic, car owners should know that having an item that can help in containing motion sickness problems is a must.

Trash bags as said before are a great way to hold waste and fluids. They are also very durable which means that they can hold a lot of items without breaking. Aside from waste containment, trash bags are great to prevent nausea because breathing into bags is a great way to regulate breathing.

Having a waste containment and breathing bag inside a car can help your car and its riders.

Arts and Crafts

Trash bags are great base materials for arts and crafts. They are moldable, safe to use (depends on how old the user is), durable and a bit more sanitary than normal plastic bags. It’s also easy to mix and match trash bags because they do come in different colors.


Piñatas are containers that are filled with candy or toys. The goal is to have someone hit the piñata while blindfolded. Once the container cracks it showers the kids with candy. They are used on birthdays and kiddie events to hype up the kids. Piñatas are usually bought from party stores but they can also be made at home. Remember, parties are more fun when imagination is involved.

DIY Piñatas are quite easy since they only require a good container. In this case, a trash bag is a very good example and also very economical. Trash bags can store a lot of candies or small toys because of their durability. Just make sure to decorate the piñata to add visual flair.

Pillow Stuffing

Pillows are the steering wheel towards dreamland (Beds are the car of course). They provide great head support and they are great cuddling buddies for those who can’t sleep without hugs. However, because pillows are the ones with the most human contact, they also tend to break easily. Most of them lose their stuffing after a month of use.

One interesting story and uses of trash and plastic bags is they are great as pillow stuffing. Since trash and plastic bags don’t have a specific size and shape, they tend to follow the shape of what the user intends it to be. This means that it’s a breathable material.

A great way to make this trash bag and pillow stuffing is to cut the plastic items to confetti sizes and then stuff them into an empty pillow or a pillow that lacks stuffing.

Trash Bag Backpacks

A great item comes from great materials, is a great story in terms of product development and business pitch. This is also a great mindset when creating new items from simple materials and trash bags are one of those materials that are truly great. Trash bags are malleable, flexible, waterproof, and durable. These factors are also what everyone needs in a backpack.

To create this waterproof backpack, one must have a lot of trash bags, and some strings. 1st of all, twist all the trash bags to create a long and thick material, then braid them together to create a mini matt. Once the plastic mat is done, tie the ends with string to finish the bag.

This craft is a great introduction to help children and adults understand the importance of recycling and reusing items for the sake of environmental protection.

Trash Bags are More Than Just Trash

Trash bags like most plastic items are BPA-free and food-grade. This means that it’s very safe for people to use. Being safe opens a lot of possibilities that can unlock a person’s creativity, passion, and awesomeness.

Here are other trash bag types that people can choose from.

High-Density Bags (HDPE)


High-Density bags are great for paper, food waste, and non-sharp objects. HDPE is often used in offices and hotels. HDPE has excellent resistance to punctures and moderate resistance to tearing. Great cost-savings option.

Linear Low-Density Bags(LLDPE)

Linear Low-Density Bags are recommended for sharper objects. They have excellent resistance to punctures and tearing and that’s why they are often used in kitchen environments.

Check out the Plastics 101 guide article to know more about plastics and to know more about ePackageSupply’s trash bags and trash liners, head over to this page.