Unique and Fun Ideas with buckets

Apr 5th 2021

Buckets may come across as a very boring item. They can store items, are very portable and reusable, however, with enough creativity and elbow grease, you can turn these simple buckets into a boatload of fun and ideas. Here are some ideas to get you started.

All of these ideas are possible when you get food-grade buckets. They are also BPA-free that making these buckets safe for everyone, anytime and anywhere.

Toy and Play Ideas

The cartoon Rugrats is a very interesting and imaginative show. It aired around the early ’90s wherein entertainment technology (video games, internet) was still primitive. The babies had to use their imagination to help them find new and exciting ways to play. The show was a hallmark of turning something simple into something grand, which is a great way to introduce the idea of turning buckets into toys.

The value of making DIY toys is about giving your child the idea to create. Giving them ideas on how to make something simple into something fun or exciting can help increase their imagination that helps in their development in finding their talents. A simple bucket can turn into anything great as long as you have the power of imagination.

Here are some easy and interesting toy ideas that your kids:

Mini Train and Role-Playing

Start with something small and easy like a DIY mini train with an introduction to roleplaying. Role-playing has been a good way to stimulate a child’s imagination by giving them simple ideas that can lead to grand settings. Create scenarios that can lead to interesting situations and add mini stations around the house to add immersion and fun.

To create this simple mini train, you would need a rope and 3 buckets. You can tie the buckets with rope to create a simple bucket line, put your kids' toys inside the bucket, and voila, you now have a simple mini-train for your kids.

Mini Backyard Swing

A playground in the backyard sounds like a sweet deal for any kid, but the truth is that not all kids easily outgrow anything these days. Some kids can outgrow their love for playgrounds and will find something new to try. But with DIY’s, you can make a cheaper and easy to disassemble playground with some rope, buckets, and some 4x4 wood.

Make a mini pole with the 4x4 wood as the base of the swing. Cut out some holes on the bucket, make it big enough so that it can fit the kid’s legs. Tie the bucket to the pole with the rope and voila, you now have a mini backyard swing.

Once your kid outgrows this kind of playtime, just disassemble the pole and recycle the bucket. That DIY swing was able to save you a lot of money and made you more eco-friendly.

Toy Bucket for Storage, Sandboxes, and Beaches

Buckets are essentially a storage unit, however; this doesn’t mean they can’t be used for fun. Kids can use these buckets to bring their toys anywhere around the house, outside, or to their playmates. The added portability of these buckets helps kids in bringing their version of fun anywhere.

Toy buckets are also perfect for beaches and sandboxes. Kids can use these multi-sized buckets to create a whole lot more compared to their toy bucket counterparts, which is a very big help in shaping their creativity.


Planting has been one of the new activities that people have tried in 2020. It’s one of the activities that does not require anyone to go outside, and it’s mostly a chill activity.

However, some people have used these buckets and containers as an aquaponics bio container. To those who don’t know, aquaponics is mixing aquaculture (creating a livable area for fishes) and hydroponics (creating a planting environment but with just water). The method uses the water and waste of the fish as nutrients for the plants, then once the plants receive the nutrients, it will filter the water back to the fish. 2 biocontainment units are linked together to create the exchanging of water.

Aquaponics is a great way to make a sustainable food supply that also promotes being eco-friendly. This kind of practice not only assures you on food supply, but it also helps make our world a cleaner place.

Utility Backpack or Carrying Units

Buckets have provided a big help in different areas. Kids can use it for toys and enthusiasts have made their creative ways in incorporating buckets into their hobbies. Here’s a more down-to-earth yet very interesting way of using food-grade and BPA Free buckets.

Farming Backpacks

Farmers are the lifeblood of food supply and production. They have different tools and processes to make and bring food from their farms to groceries and ultimately to families’ tables. However, an interesting story has come up that made local farmers using unconventional farming tools.

Turns out, that food-grade buckets are perfect for storing handpicked fruits and vegetables. The wide opening and the size of the buckets are perfect in creating a DIY bucket backpack. The DIY backpacks are also great because they are reusable and food grade which means, that they are safe to store food with.

Toolkit Portable Storage

House maintenance, carpentry, and woodworking all have heavy tools that are hard to carry around but important to be at arm’s reach. That’s why there are tool carriers like belts to help anyone fixing their home carry a lot of power tools. Interestingly enough, there are customer stories that say that buckets are the preferred portable carrying units for power tools.

The sturdy and lightweight build of the buckets is perfect for carrying small yet powerful items such as power tools. The wide opening lets users see what’s inside of the bucket avoiding potential injuries.

The Possibilities are Endless

The ideas and stories that were presented here are a culmination of creativity and grit. Always remember, with great imagination comes great possibilities and fun.

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