What Are BPA Side Effects & Why BPA Free is Better

Apr 10th 2021

Introduction to BPA

So, what is BPA? Well, BPA or bisphenol A is an industrial chemical compound that is added to make plastics stronger. They can be found in plastic items such as bottles, containers, and industrial plastics. It sounds very innocent until you find out that it can seep into your body and make you sick.

BPA can cause problems to our brain, hormones, and especially fetuses. Research suggests that it has an effect on child development and can also cause high blood pressure. All of these problems can happen when you expose yourself to plastics that have BPA.

Benefits of Using BPA Free plastics

Safe To Use

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One of the awesome things that a good product provides is security. Being able to use it without any problems is a great relief, especially if you have a lot of things going around. Having safety as a guarantee just makes it a worthy addition to your household.

For example, having kids in an environment with toxic materials is every parent’s nightmare.

Making sure that everything is safe is a major parental responsibility and having nontoxic items are one way of making that responsibility a bit lighter. This also extends to business owners who use plastic containers on their products. The problems of potentially poisoning your customers can create dire consequences to your business.

Affordable and Reusable

One of the bigger appeals of plastics is the price. Plastics are made with more affordable materials compared to wood and metal. They don’t need a lot of maintenance, very sturdy, and easy to clean. They don’t require special tools, and substances, they do however need to be recycled after some use.

Plastic compared to metal and wood is significantly more brittle, and malleable. With enough force, they can bend, tear and break. Once they are broken, they do need to be recycled properly because they are not synthetic materials and can cause harm to its user. Different bacteria and germs can get inside the plastic that can cause different kinds of sickness.

Eco Friendly

Our ecosystem has been facing a big problem with plastics for a long time now. Plastics contribute to a big eco problem because they don’t decay as fast as organic materials and smaller plastics can hurt animals.

So, what makes BPA Free plastics so special? Well, because it’s not toxic and is reusable. These BPA Free plastics can be used as many times as long as they’re not broken. These plastics won’t cause any toxic-related problems because they are made specifically with materials that don’t hurt human beings.

These plastics could be recycled but with care and effort, you can use them as many times as you want.

Which Plastics are Safe to Use?

The purpose of plastics is to help make our lives better, however, some plastics have different materials and have different uses. With this in mind, you would probably be confused and worried if the plastic that you are using is safe.

To answer that question, you can head over to ePackageSupply’s Plastics 101 guide to know more about plastics and their quality. But as a quick tip, plastics that are numbered as 7 are the ones that contain BPA, the rest are BPA Free.

BPA Side Effects

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Hormone Imbalance

BPA has an interesting process when it comes to the human body. Studies have shown and realized that BPA is an endocrine disruptor, which means that it can copy types of hormones that can throw off the body due to imbalance.

BPA- related hormone imbalance is especially harmful to women since BPA tends to copy estrogen that can cause breast cancer or affect the fetal development of pregnant women. The rapid imbalance of hormones from BPA can also reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy because of its fast copy rate.


The discussion of BPA being an endocrine disruptor carries over to a high risk of cancer. Since BPA creates a hormonal imbalance, it can create extra tissues in the body that can produce cancer cells.

For women, BPA can cause breast cancer and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) because of the body detecting extra estrogen in the body. For men, BPA can cause prostate cancer because of the same hormonal imbalance.

The body tries its best to create hormonal balance to make sure that our bodies are working well and giving them a slight nudge can turn the whole body down.

Weight Problems

One of America’s biggest health problems is weight management. Weight problems can cause a lot of bigger problems if not properly checked. It can cause heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The hormonal imbalance that BPA causes can wreck insulin production that can contribute to slow metabolism, increase fat cell production and hinder sugar breakdown. All of the hormonal issues that can cause weight problems are a very big domino effect that's hard to avoid since your body is being tricked to consume more because of the imbalance of hormones BPA brings.

Bonus Tip!

How To Clean Plastics


  1. Give your plastic a quick rinse to remove any dirt, stains, and grime
  2. Form a coating of baking soda all over the plastic
  3. Add a bit of vinegar to create a fizzy foamy consistency.
  4. Scrub the foam all over the plastic. The foam is best known to deodorize the plastic, making sure that any unpleasant smell doesn’t stay. 
  5. Rinse the foam off and let it dry off overnight
  6. Wash the plastic with dish soap and water

In the end, our goal is to help people’s lives. We want to make sure that our products serve our customers without fail. That is why we choose to be BPA Free.

To know more about ePackageSupply’s products head over to the buckets and containers page to get you started, also visit https://epackagesupply.com to check out new items and updates.