What are food grade buckets and why is it better than non-food grade buckets.

Mar 26th 2021

Introduction to Food Grade Buckets

A very common question we face is "why does food grade matter?". Is it just a fancy marketing buzzword to sell buckets? The term food grade just literally means that it can be used for food.

These kinds of buckets are made with materials that do not have harmful contaminants that can affect food or any organic material. Because of this, food grade buckets have evolved into more than just a storage unit that outshines any other buckets. To let you know more about the awesomeness of these buckets, ePackageSupply has listed 6 reasons why food grade buckets are better.

6 Reasons Why Food Grade Buckets are Better

Long term food storage unit

2020 was a rough year. It gave us a lot of things to consider especially om our idea of what is normal. What used to be so easy has become so much of a hassle that it’s better to not just leave the house. This is even harder for those who don’t stock up their supplies or that live on a weekly food budget.

Things may seem hard right now and the chances of going back to normal are pretty slim, however, we need to find ways to keep ourselves sufficient in these hard times. Not to mention the people who live in areas that are highly affected by the changing seasons. Food grade buckets are a great way to start your journey to self-sufficiency.

The food-grade buckets are designed to be very sturdy and toxic-free. They have been approved by FDA and are BPA free meaning that the buckets don’t have any inherent toxic materials to make the food bad for consumption. Also, all of ePackageSupply’s containers, buckets and drink cups are food-grade and BPA free, which makes all of our items extra great.


Buckets may seem like a boring item in terms of use, but with enough creativity and passion, we have seen a lot of new ways to use this bucket. We have found some innovative thoughts and realizations on why food grade buckets are better than normal buckets.

In making this article, we checked up with our team and customers to find interesting ways on how they use these food-grade buckets. After doing our research we found out some new ways on how the buckets were used, some even life-changing. Goes to show that these buckets are more than meets the eye.


Due to the recent pandemic, some food businesses needed to find new ways of getting their food to people. Depending on your state, some restaurants are still closed. So, what did they do in this time of uncertainty?

They started to do deliveries. Some of our customers who own restaurants said that they needed to innovate their business to catch up with the times. These food grade buckets were able to securely keep the food fresh and toxic-free, making sure that our customers won’t be delivering contaminated food. Their new business model has helped them keep their entrepreneurial spirit, and ePackageSupply is grateful to be a part of it.


One of the most interesting uses of the food-grade bucket has been gardening. Turns out, food-grade buckets are great for gardening because they are eco-friendly and safe for plants. The BPA Free material doesn’t emit any toxic chemicals so the plants can be safe and healthy. If you have extra food grade buckets around, half of the planting needs are done.

Gardening is a great source of food and entertainment. Being able to create your food supply is perfect in this uncertain time. Imagine the comfort and security of having to grow your food in the comfort of your own home. Also, gardening has been proven to be a great source of stress relief and enjoyment, so what are you waiting for? Unlock your gardening skills now!

Toxic-free Home and personal storage unit

Having food grade buckets as a storage unit has a set of interesting and lifesaving benefits. Food grade buckets are re-usable and toxic-free, with that in mind you won’t have any problems storing a variety of items. Non-food grade buckets may release some toxins when they come in contact with items with harsher chemicals. This creates some sort of anxiety about whether some items are worth keeping.

Kids and babies also play a big factor when it comes to house items. It’s really hard to control those little rug rats and sometimes you just have to let them be kids, but you can always control their environment. Similar to baby proofing, food-grade buckets won’t harm your kids when they use them. A bucket on a kid's mind can be anything as long as they think it’s fun, so make sure that’s it's safe to use.

Safe for Everyone

And the final point we want to make is that the food-grade bucket is safe to use. These buckets won't make you, your customers, and your family sick. This has been the main theme of our research and article.

Our top priority is to secure quality products for our customers and we will keep that promise. All of the containers, buckets, and drink cups we sell are FDA approved and BPA Free, this is to make sure that all our customers will be safe from harm. Our top priority is to secure quality products for our customers and we will keep that promise.

Bonus Tip

How would you know if your bucket is food grade?

Plastic materials have symbols to help people indicate whether a plastic item is made of specific materials. These symbols range from numbers to recognizable items and they are a big help to those who are looking for specific materials.

Check out the Plastics 101 guide to help you understand these symbols.

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