What are Gamma Seal Lids?

Apr 27th 2021

Lids are considered to be the protective hats of storage units. They are designed to shut the containers tightly so that accidental spills and tampering can be avoided. However, most of these lids are not optimized for long use. They also dull or scratch the thread locks since the design hasn’t been updated for long and heavy-duty use.

However, this all changed when the gamma seal lids were created. Gamma Seal Lids are designed for a modern time. The heavy-duty duty and high-density structure fit well in all kinds of use and industry. The Gamma Seal Lids are also created with replaceable parts, to ensure longer use.

Gamma Design Lids uses a 2-lid system where one lid acts as an adapter and the other acts as a reloadable 2nd lid that functions as the screw-type air-tight lock. This 2-lid system creates a more secure locking system since it’s more similar to a vault wherein the 2nd lid acts as the lock while the 1st lid acts as the outer door.

Here Are 3 Major Benefits of Gamma Seal Lids

Extra Features and Extra Security

Gamma Seal Lids have changed the entire top seal lid game because of the extra features it has brought to the table. When people discuss top seal lids, they usually think of 2 things, which are a cover and carrying device add-on.

However, the problem with the current lid designs is that continuous use can break the locking threads making it less effective in every use. The locking mechanism dulls the thread locks since force is required to open the lids, making it looser within every use. This kind of design is a problem since containers are supposed to be for long-term and heavy-duty storage. Having a dull container thread lock can cause accidental spills and spoilage.

This is where gamma seal lids shine. The 2-lid system ignores the lid thread of containers since it wraps itself around the locking thread. The 1st lid acts as the casing while 2nd lid acts as the screw-in vault door. This system uses vacuum and screw techniques that don’t use continuous external force, making sure that there won’t be any damage to the container whatsoever.

The vacuum seal technology has opened up new ideas and new ways in terms of storage. This was able to keep things more secure without having to break the container.

Food Safety

Safety is always a major concern when it comes to food. Food poisoning can lead to irreversible consequences that can lead to loss. This is also why food storage must keep evolving so that no harm can reach families and customers.

With Gamma Sea Lids, food can be stored more safely since the vault-like mechanism creates a stronger vacuum that keeps the freshness of the food. This is perfect for ready-to-eat food and temperature-sensitive food. Ready-to-eat food such as nuts and snacks can keep its freshness while temperatures sensitive food such as frozen meats won’t be contaminated.

Gamma Seal Lids are also the new standard for food businesses because of the vacuum seal-like design, making it easier to transport food from one location to another. This also secures food freshness making it a lifesaver for business owners. These lids are also perfect when you combine them with BPA Free and Food-grade buckets.

Ease of Use

Containers with lids are usually packed together and they usually add the sort of extra locking mechanism to make sure that the item hasn’t been tampered with. Some may see this as a good thing since the lock mechanism can be seen as extra security like tamper-evident seals while others can feel something that’s near wrap rage. (Wrap rage is a feeling when one gets mad due to hard packaging designs)

Add in the fact that sealing and opening lids require force and precision. Some lids have multiple thread locks that require you to check each side while some require you to follow instructions on how to use said seals. What’s worse, is that most lids require you to use fingernails as a way to pry some part of the lids that may lead to nail injuries and also wrap rage.

This is one of the major issues that gamma seal lids are trying to fix. Having continuous use of the lid can not only dull out the threaded lid, but it can also cause harm to the user. Opening a tight lid with unbalanced force can cause the bucket to spill over and it’d be really scary if it contains harmful materials.

Gamma Seal Lids use a screw and vacuum combo to seal containers. It uses a more controlled and even force, making sure that no accidents can happen. The screw vault mechanism avoids unnecessary use of force that avoids accidents that also secures a longer time of use. What more could you ask for?

How To Use and Install a Gamma Seal Lid

  1. Unpack the gamma lid
  2. Take out any tamper-evident sticker off the gamma lid
  3. Take out the 2nd lid from the Adapter Lid
  4. Insert or tuck the adapter lid on top of the bucket or container
  5. Hammer down the adapter lip until it reaches the base of the lock thread
  6. Continue hammering the adapter lid until you hear a click that indicates a lock has been placed
  7. Screw in the 2nd lid on the adapter lid

Seal the Deal with Gamma Seal Lids

The gamma seal lids are a great addition to buckets and containers. It fixes current design problems and it’s a more effective sealing method. One of the best examples of using gamma seal lids is that it’s an obvious add-on. People can use a different color for their gamma seal lids to help them organize their containers. This can help in segregating containers from edible to industrial items, which is a great way to save time and effort.

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