What are Lid Openers why are they Important?

Jul 30th 2021

Tools are a hallmark in humanity’s evolution. Humans use tools to make their lives better and more convenient. And one great example of tools making lives better is the Lid Opener. These special opening tools have contributed to the prevention of mental and nerve problems that it’s easy to proclaim that this isn’t your ordinary kitchen tool.

Why are Lids Sealed so Tightly

To open a lid, one must have the following qualities. Grip, which is needed to keep the container stable while it’s being opened. Strength, which is important to continuously apply pressure to lose the tension and pressure of the lid-covered container. And last but not the least, 2 strong hands with great coordination with one’s eyes. One could certainly ask why these are needed in opening containers with lids and the reason is pretty much safety.

Packaging is the primary defense of products from contamination and tampering. Food companies will go to great lengths to make sure that their items are tightly sealed to avoid any possible dangers that a customer can get from faulty packaging. One contaminated food product is also one step away from an unrecoverable lawsuit. Not to mention all the possible health issues that a contaminated food package can bring. This is why companies call for a massive product rollback if ever they found out that their food packaging is not up to their standards.

Lids have also gone through a lot of designs and changes. One of the greatest designs would be the tamper-evident design. Lids with tamper-evident design use pressure and tension to create a vacuum seal the pushes down the middle part of the lid. Once the lid is opened the middle part of the lid pops up, this shows that the lid is not sealed and has been tampered with.

A Cure for Wrap and Lid Rage

The irritation comes from a process of continuous unrewarded effort. Doing something in the hopes to get a reward is a fundamental logic in human society. This is the basis of the value of effort and how people see work in general. Now, take all of that knowledge and throw it away or at least in a way turn it upside down. That is in essence, the amalgamation of wrap rage.

Wrap rage is known to cause trauma, psychological problems, and even injuries. According to this study, there are around 6000 cases of wrap and lid rage that happens almost every year in America. It’s also important to know that wrap and lid rage injuries are not entirely caused by the packaging, it’s usually the items used to open the packaging that causes the injury. Items like knives, scissor and everyday sharp objects that have been used to open rage-inducing packaging.

This is one of the major reasons why people use lid openers. It’s a great way to treat one’s mental health and avoid injuries. It’s also a great time saver since it decreases the amount of time one invests in finding out how to open a package that may or may not cause wrap or lid rage. On a final note, it’s important to check one’s reaction and approach when they’re reaching frustration towards annoying packaging. If rage and frustration become the default reaction, maybe it’s time to push back and take a breather.

Prevents Nerve Damage

Nerve damage is a type of injury that affects one motor skills. It’s usually caused by over-exertion of the muscles and nerves. This can cause someone severe pain, numbness, and loss of movement to some parts of the body. What’s worse is that once someone has nerve damage, it can either a be permanent injury or a slow healing one. Nerves require special exercise and therapy rather than medicine.

One of the most well-known kinds of nerve damage is arthritis. Arthritis is a mixture of nerve and joint damage that is caused by ill exercising practices, excessive uses of force and tension, and sadly old age. It’s important to remember that pain from arthritis can be triggered by excess joint and nerve movement but sometimes it could just act up and will just cause pain without any rhyme or reason.

Having read all that information about nerve damage and arthritis, it’s obvious that lid openers play an important role in everyone’s lives. Being able to prevent the usage of excessive force with the help of a tool is a great way to preserve one’s body and one’s peace of mind. With all of these great benefits that lid openers give, here are the different types of lid openers to help anyone get started in their journey towards hassle-free lid opening.

Types of Lid Openers

Bucket Lid Openers

Bucket lids are usually designed with a grip lock. The grip lock uses alternating grooves to lock in the bucket and lid. This is the most common bucket lock and it’s usually replaced with gamma seal lids. (To know more about gamma seal lids, check out this page.) A bucket lid opener has hooks that are connected to a handle. The top hook locks down the bucket to create stability while the lower hook pries the grooves to unlock the bucket and its lid.

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Grippers come in different shapes and sizes. They can come in silicone, plastic, wood, and even metal. Their handle or even the whole shape can take in any form as long as the gripping mechanism is there. Grippers use solid protruding lines that help in amplifying one’s grip force. This is most common in opening small bottles and jars and is mostly used with screw lids.

Loop or Strap Wrench

Loop or strap wrenches are probably the most adaptive in all of the bucket lid openers. It’s a type of wrench the uses a rubber or metal ring to increase one’s grip. It can also adjust its length to accommodate bigger containers. Loop or strap wrenches are connected to a handle to increase power and grip output.

Automatic Lid Openers

Automatic Lid Openers are battery-operated lid openers. These are mostly used in restaurants to shave off time to increase food prep effectiveness. These are also the most expensive type of lid openers however they are also the most advanced since they don’t require any effort.

Lid Openers Opens One’s Life

It’s easy to see how lid openers can influence one’s life. It's a machine that teaches the value of engineering to help make everyone’s live better. One lid opener can totally make wrap and lid rage into a thing of the past.

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