What are Portion Cups and Why are they Awesome?

Aug 18th 2021

Published  by Marc Allen Tan on Aug 18th 2021

Why are Portion Cups Small?

Containers are made in different sizes for different reasons. Big containers are usually for industrial and mass-produced items like food. They have big size ranging from 1-5 gallons and is perfect for business. Mid-sized containers are usually for storing homemade food, groceries and food restaurant food portions. The size is around 1 liter to half a gallon which is the perfect container size for homes. The small containers are usually on the below1-liter size and is usually to store snacks, medicines, sauces, and roux.

A good example of the small container is the ever-dependable portion cup. Portion cups are small cups or containers that is usually made for small items. This is by design because portion cups are for snacks,sauces and for people who want to limit their consumption through portions.(Which is why these are called portion cups). Some portion cups even have measurements to make sure that the perfect amount is stored.

So why are portion cups small? What makes the size an integral part for portion cups? The answer for that would be portability. Being able to bring snacks, medicine and items anytime and anywhere is quite an important feature in this busy and fast-paced world. A small snack can easily change a person’s mood and being able to bring a mood changer anywhere is definitely a plus.

What are the Best Portion Cups?

Portion Cups like any container can come in different materials, but what is considered to be the best?

Plastic BPA Free Plastic Portion Cups


Portion Cups are mostly used with food or medicine which means that the material for creating these portion cups should be toxic free, malleable, easy to carry, and light on the budget.It’s also important to remember that any container involving food should always be toxic free because ingesting any toxic material is the fastest way to poison anyone.

So, do plastics have these properties? Yes, they do, especially BPA Free plastics.Plastics are made up of polymers which is a combination of materials. They do not use organic materials like paper which makes this inexpensive and highly reusable. BPA free plastics are really great for reuse since they do not absorb liquids and they are free of toxic materials. BPA or Bisphenol A is the main culprit of plastic toxicity and also the reason why plastics have the bad reputation, that is why it’s important to know if the plastic used is BPA free or not.

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Polypropylene Plastic Cups

One of the great aspects of plastic cups is being portable and cheap but one of its main problems is intense temperature. Plastics can store normal temperature items; this means that anything non-boiling and nonfreezing is ok. But when an item goes beyond the normal temperature levels, plastics can disintegrate or crack up. This important because plastics that have melted or cracked may become a problem when ingested. They can tear inside the inner linings of the stomach and can create some digestion problems. And this where polypropylene shines.

Polypropylene is a type of plastic that has a high freezing and melting limit which means that it won’t break or melt when exposed to intense temperatures. They also have a high chemical reaction resistance which means that they won’t have problem when they come in contact with drinks like alcohol or chemically reactive drink.Polypropylene also has a friction resistant property that helps in keeping cool food and keeping hot food hot which is important to temperature sensitive items and food.

Portion Cups as Maintenance Containers

Illnesses like diabetes, high blood and hyper acidity are examples of illnesses that require constant management and checking.These kinds of illnesses do not go away easily and requires a lot of care and treatment before they are fully treated. In most cases, people with these kinds of sickness would need to carry it his whole life and would need maintenance medicine or time-based food consumption just to make sure that their body won’t fail.

A diabetic would need to consume insulin while people with high blood would need to drink medicines that lowers their blood pressure. People with hyper acidity would need to eat from time to time to make sure that their acid levels won’t rise to dangerous levels.These kinds of monitoring and checking is vital for their survival.

This is why a small food container that properly portions intake are important. Being able to bring in properly portioned meals or medicine is important to the lives of people with illnesses since they won’t have to constantly think about having access to the food that they need and not  

having to worry if the medicine they brought is not properly measured for their day.After all, the most important reason for making tools like this is to help people live better lives.

Take Out Friendly

Take out has been the choice of food service due to the pandemic but it’s not to say that it has opened the eyes of some people to see the awesomeness of eating restaurant food at the convenience of one’s home. Being able to dine safely and conveniently is a combination that is important in this ever-changing time.Which is why it’s important to know what kind of containers restaurants and food companies will use.

Portion cups are easily one of the best choices that restaurants will choose as takeout food containers. They are portable, easy to use, has lids to seal in fresh food and last but not the least inexpensive. They also versatile since they can also be used to store small food items, small amount of soup and a generous amount of sauce.

Portion Cups are More than it can Give

Portion Cups area great reminder on why humans make tools. It’s a reminder on how everyone’s lives can be better even with the smallest convenience and how small things can greatly affect our lives.

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