What is a Gamma Lid?

Dec 8th 2021

5-gallon buckets are a more diverse tool than many would give them credit for. An individual can use a 5-gallon food-grade bucket with a screw-on lid or any other kind of bucket for recreational use, food storage, and almost anything else they can think of. They can even be vital for large-scale restaurants that deal with storing thousands of gallons of food. In any case, you will want an air-tight seal that ensures whatever you put into your bucket has zero chance of being contaminated. That is what a gamma seal lid can provide.

What is the Purpose of a Gamma Lid?

The primary function of a gamma lid is to turn any size utility bucket into an airtight storage container while still being extremely easy to open and close. While ordinary buckets can get the job done, and are often more than enough to satisfy your needs, a Gamma lid can truly shine when paired with the right bucket. Pairing a gamma lid with a food-grade bucket is the best practice for keeping your food items or anything else that needs air-tight storage completely safe.

What is a Gamma Lid?

Are Gamma Lids Food Grade?

Gamma seal lids are food safe, but as previously mentioned, to ensure your items are completely sealed, then you need to pair the lid with a food-grade bucket. Using gamma lids for food storage works because the lid is expertly sealed, and yet still easy to open. When you have to pry open a traditional lid, you end up bending the frame. This means that each time you put the lid back on the bucket, it will be less tight than before. Over time, it will become more of a flimsy lid than an actual seal. Using a gamma lid for food storage becomes less of a luxury and more of a priority once you start to compare it to traditional lids. It is also a good idea to use a rubber mallet to properly hammer down and seal the lid onto your bucket to ensure that it is airtight.

Are Gamma Seal Lids Reusable?

While it is possible to reuse gamma lids on different containers, it’s not recommended. The primary reason for this is that when you take off a gamma seal lid, you have to pry off the adapter that transforms the bucket into a screw top. Once the adapter is removed, it loses the ability to seal completely. Without that function, a gamma lid ceases to function the way it was intended.

Save Your Emergency Stash with Gamma Lids

While these lids are food-grade, they are not reserved for restaurants or other larger-scale operations. Being prepared for any scenario takes some serious planning and equipment to match. As gamma lids are made of heavy-duty, high-density polyethylene material, they are great for storing anything you need, even in rough conditions.

Standard vs Gamma Lids

When looking for the best container and lid for your needs, you might wonder if you really need a gamma lid. For everyday storage, you can probably get away with any plastic or rubber lid for your container. We mentioned above how traditional (mainly plastic) lids will lose their tight seal over time from being pried open repeatedly. Fortunately, it is not difficult to purchase new lids, and even more so, it is recommended that you regularly replace lids over time. A downside to standard lids is that they can be difficult to open and shut. You will likely need to purchase a separate tool to help open the lid. These bucket lid removers are relatively inexpensive, but it is still something to think about.

A gamma lid on the other hand will not require the purchase of any tools. Along with having an airtight and waterproof seal, the gamma lid is extremely easy to get open. Here is a quick list of some other benefits of using a gamma lid:

  • The rim of a gamma seal has a built-in stacking design on it. This allows you to easily stack multiple containers with gamma lids and save a ton of space.
  • The bugs cannot get in.
  • The gamma seal lids can be purchased in various colors, so you can easily organize your storage supply. Check out our options!

While gamma lids can be more expensive, depending on what you need, they are well worth the investment.

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