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Cups & Drink Supplies

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These premium clear plastic cold cups are crack-resistant and durable thanks to its Polypropylene construction. The crystal clear design and rolled rim helps maintain an upscale feel and appearance and provides an appealing way to showcase beverages. These cups are just right for smoothies, juices, water, soda, and iced coffee! If you are running a business and need bulk disposable plastic cups, look no further than ePackageSupply. 

Our 2 ounce, food grade clear plastic cups with lid are perfect for measuring out portions, keeping sauces or dressings with your leftovers, homemade baby food, as well as sample tasting, dessert cups, and all your party-favorites like jello shots. These are also great for storage for small items like buttons, bolts and screws.

We also offer our Versalite® disposable coffee cups with lids in 3 sizes that offer thermal management to keep liquid hot and to keep the hands holding the cup comfortable. 

If you need bulk disposable plastic cups, look no further than ePackageSupply.