Dart SafeSeal 8 oz. Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident Snack Cup with Flat Lid

Dart SafeSeal 8 oz. Tamper-Resistant, Tamper-Evident Snack Cup with Flat Lid
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Ensure the safety of your guests' food with this Dart SafeSeal 8 oz. tamper-resistant, tamper-evident snack cup with flat lid! You put time, effort, and money into making sure the food that comes out of your commercial kitchen is prepared with food safety and quality in mind. Once it hits the shelves of your deli, bakery, or grocery store, this snack cup serves as an effective defense against harmful tampering. This provides peace of mind to both you and the customer as they take your fresh parfaits, trail mixes, and dips to go. Saving time and money, this snack cup eliminates the need to use shrink bands or wrap labels to protect your food. This durable PET plastic cup is equipped to both alert the customer of possible tampering and keep contents secure during transport. Its 360 degree perimeter seal prevents messy leaks and spills while locking in freshness, making this cup the perfect to-go vessel for your delicious snacks and condiments. The innovative MicroTrim lid edge is designed to tear the hinge once the lid has been lifted. While this simply opens the cup for the customer, it makes it evident whether that lid has been opened before. This, along with the TamperAlert hinge that sticks out once torn, is the ultimate reassurance that your customer is only consuming what you intended. Not only is this cup the ultimate defense mechanism against contamination, but its sleek, stylish build is designed to showcase your fresh, vibrant foods. The crystal clear construction makes it easy for the customer to view your house-made fruit cups or assorted bulk snacks.