5 Business Ideas for Buckets and Containers

Apr 8th 2021

The idea of starting a business is a daunting one. The problems can pile up from the logistics to the actual business plan, however, inspiration can come in different packages (like buckets and containers). Here are some business ideas and anecdotes that may become a source of newfound inspiration for small businesses, entrepreneurs, or DIYers.

Food Truck and Delivery

Food trucks are a sign of independence and the American dream. A truck plus kitchen combo benefits its owner to bring their food all over town without having to create all the marketing buzz most restaurants do. This also helps owners meet new customers.

According to a small business study, despite being in a pandemic, food trucks are still projected to grow this 2021. The study also says that mobile chefs get to be more creative with their dishes, have more authority on the places they want to serve, and have the last say on their pricing. The food truck may sound like a lot of hard work but the statistics say that it’s not a bad business to get into.

An interesting food truck hack is using food-grade buckets and containers in a lot of different ways. Some food truck owners use food-grade buckets and containers as plates, refrigerator substitutes, and food delivery packages. The refrigerator hack is very important since it saves a lot of money with just a food-grade bucket or container and dry ice. This is perfectly fine since the buckets are food grade and are designed to keep food safe in different conditions.

Home-Made Ice Cream Business

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Ice cream is a cornerstone of every meal, a dependable dessert, and a great companion snack in any situation. Ice cream is taken seriously because of its contributions to turning a good meal into a great one. Kidding aside, the simple homemade ice cream business has been growing, and having access to affordable food-grade buckets and containers is a big factor.

Making ice cream or even finding a recipe for ice cream is now easier than ever because of online research, recipe books, and tv cooking shows. The resources to create your very own ice cream are alluring and very tasty however what they don’t teach is how to store it properly.

After finding the perfect recipe, an ice cream entrepreneur should find the perfect bucket or container. A bucket that can be kept in cold temperatures, a bucket that can hold food without any problems, a bucket that can easily be transported. Well, all of these qualities are present in food-grade buckets and containers. So, what are you waiting for? Start your ice cream dreams now!


Make-up is a perfect mixture of art and science. The idea of blending different colors to make the face look better while making sure that the material used is not toxic seems like a very precise skill that only a few people can do.

One of the most interesting stories about indie makeup brands is food-grade containers or cosmetic jars as make-up utilities. Some customers suggested that the different container sizes have been a big help in creating different variants for their makeup, it’s quite fascinating how something so basic was able to help artists in spreading their products and making their dreams come true.

Gardening and Farming

Farming and gardening are mostly seen as an endeavor that requires a big patch of land or at least a respectable backyard that is fertile enough to grow quality plants. This kind of thought has lost the interest of potential gardeners and farmers. However, some gardeners and farmers found a way to grow and sell quality plants and vegetables with the use of food-grade buckets.

Ceramic pots and other containers may seem like the default portable plant container but it looks that food-grade plastics are better for heavy-duty, minimal space, and portable gardening plans. Food grade plastics are more durable because they are more malleable and flexible, they won’t easily break even if they are filled to the brim. These food-grade plastics are also built to be portable so they can be moved around the house if ever they are occupying a lot of space.

Another good thing about gardening besides selling your crops is that it provides cleaner air to your area since plants are natural filters. They can help you live healthier and wealthier.

Small Business Ideas for Kids

Kids these days tend to be less motivated since this generation’s instant mentality. Being able to download entertainment can hinder some valuable life lessons such as patience and frugality. A quick way to help them get this lesson is to give them responsibility with a more monetary reward.

Give your kid the lesson of valuing money with these business ideas.

Lemonade Stands


The lemonade stand is one of the most basic and very kid-friendly business endeavors that any parent can support their child with. Teaching them how to provide lemonade to thirsty people can help them understand the value of service and reward.

A quick DIY lemonade stand along with a jug of ice, fill up a food-grade bucket with lemons and they’re all set. (drinking cups)

Car wash

Here’s a cool and refreshing way to earn money under the summer sun. Neighborhood carwashes are great for teaching kids the value of teamwork, handwork, and fun. Just fill up the food-grade buckets and containers with water, hand them some car wash soap and let the fun begin.

Turn Your Passions, Creativity Into Profit

They say that the secret to happiness is getting rewarded for doing what they love. This is quite true because if your passion becomes work, then it won’t feel like work at all. Head over to the labeling page to find out more about adding your brand to containers.

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