Are All 5 Gallon Bucket Lids the Same?

Dec 8th 2021

So you’ve got a 5 gallon bucket that you need to put a lid on. What lid should you choose? Where should you get a lid for this bucket? Do you need a 5 gallon food grade bucket with a screw on lid for easy access to your prepped food? Or maybe you need a bucket with a simple lid for basic storage. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered...pun intended! We’re taking a look at 5 gallon bucket lids to answer your questions and help you determine what lid to select.

Are All 5 Gallon Bucket Lids the Same?

No, 5 gallon bucket lids are different from each other in many important ways. When selecting a lid for your 5 gallon bucket, keep these variables in mind while shopping:

  • Material of Lid

One of the most important distinctions is the material the lid is made of. If you are using your bucket for food storage, you want to make sure that the lid is made of a material that can come into contact with food without any negative effects. Look for lids that are rated as “food safe” and consult the recycling number to verify that information. Food safe plastics are usually 1, 2, 4, or 5. At, our 5 gallon bucket lids are made of LLDPE (#4), a flexible food grade plastic that works well for covering, or HDPE (#2), another common food grade material.

  • Type of Bucket Lid

There are several types of bucket lids that have different features. These include:

L40GTSU - BPA Free Food Grade 5 Gallon White Non-gasketed Bucket Lid

Non-gasketed lids are easy to apply and are a basic option for covering your bucket. This is a great choice for applications where a tight seal isn’t as necessary, like storing dry goods temporarily.

L40GTS - BPA Free Food Grade 5 Gallon White Bucket Lid

Gasketed lids like the L40GTS provide an airtight seal for your bucket, helping to preserve food for longer. Both this lid and the L40GTSU can technically be reused, although the fit will not be as tight after the initial opening.

L40GTSRS - BPA Free Food Grade 5 Gallon White Bucket Lid with Pour Spout

Instead of searching for a food grade bucket with a spout, you can easily add a pour spout to your bucket using this type of lid. This gasketed lid option provides an airtight seal with a reclosable pour spout so you can easily access the liquid inside without taking the lid on and off each time.

Gamma Seal Lid - BPA Free Food Grade 5 Gallon Lid

One of the most versatile types of lid, this reusable 5 gallon bucket lid offers a way to turn your bucket into an easy-to-open resealable storage container. The gasketed outer ring provides the threading for the inner lid, which gives a tight seal when the lid is screwed into place.

  • Manufacturer of Lid

There are several different manufacturers of 5 gallon buckets and lids, and the dimensions they follow may vary slightly. When purchasing lids, you want to buy the lid from the same manufacturer as the bucket in order to ensure that the lid will fit properly. If that is not a possibility, make sure you measure the bucket’s opening carefully and order a lid that will fit.

Are 5 Gallon Bucket Lids Airtight?

They can be, but it depends on the lid. If your lid has a gasket (a rubber seal), then it will be airtight. If your lid does not have a rubber gasket, then it will not be airtight. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you apply your gasketed lid incorrectly, the seal may not be secure and air may get in. When applying a gasketed lid, make sure you press down firmly all the way around to make sure the lid is secure. We recommend using a rubber mallet to apply a gasketed lid so that it will be airtight.

Are All 5 Gallon Bucket Lids Interchangeable?

No, they are not. As discussed above, if your 5 gallon buckets and lids come from different manufacturers, then they may or may not fit each other. Each manufacturer has their own dimensions for their 5 gallon buckets and lids. However, if you get your buckets and lids from the same manufacturer, then they will be interchangeable.

  • Will a 5 Gallon Bucket Lid Fit a 3 Gallon Bucket?

If purchased from the same manufacturer, a 5 gallon bucket lid will typically fit a 3 gallon bucket from the same supplier.

  • Will a 5 Gallon Bucket Lid Fit a 7 Gallon Bucket?

Typically, yes. Just like a 3 gallon bucket, a 7 gallon bucket usually has the same dimensions as a 5 gallon bucket so the lid should fit. However, these are just generalizations. Make sure to check all the dimensions before purchasing a lid.

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