Best Cups for Hot Drinks

Aug 4th 2021

Polypropylene Cups

Plastics are known to be the biggest problem when it comes to hot drinks. First of all, normal plastic cups have a really low melting point, this means that plastic cups will partially distort or somewhat melt when it comes in contact with hot liquids. It’s also important to remember that melted plastics can cause a lot of harm to its user especially if it’s not BPA Free. BPA is one of the biggest contributors when it comes to plastic and illness cases. BPA reacts to a person’s hormones and bodily functions that can lead to complications similar to cancer. This is why BPA-free is an important aspect when it comes to using plastics. If this is the case, then what makes polypropylene different?

First of all, polypropylene is not your average plastic. It’s a mix of different plastics and fibers to achieve a stronger and more heat-resistant material. This means that polypropylene won’t be as easy to break or won’t melt as fast as normal plastics. Polypropylene has heat resistance to at least 180°F (82.2°C) and a melting temperature of 327°F (163.8°C). It’s also important to know that polypropylene doesn’t use BPA as a hardening chemical since it uses a mix of fibers and plastic material to create its hardening method which is also safe to use.

Polypropylene cups are great cups for hot drinks since as they don’t melt to high temperatures and are sturdier. They also have a great way to make sure that doesn’t radiate heat on the surface because of the insulation caused by the fiber and plastic combo material. Polypropylene cups are also great for long-term use since they don’t absorb and blend with water, this also means that polypropylene does not absorb soap which is important for reuse purposes.

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Paper Cups

When it comes to hot drinks outside the home, paper cups are the usual cups that people think about. They are the usual coffee cup that offices, houses, and even commercial centers get for their pantry. But why is that? Why are paper cups the go-to cups that people associate with when it comes to hot drinks? Here are 4 simple reasons

1. Eco-Friendly

One of the major problems that the world is experiencing right now is global warming. It’s not easy to discuss this issue since it’s a balancing act of human’s needs and the earth’s sustainability, however, items like paper cups are one of these items that try to achieve both. Paper cups are biodegradable and also recyclable, this means that paper cups can be reused or decomposes in a short period of time.

2. Easy to use or Convenient

Paper cups are one of the most convenient disposable cups around. They are lightweight, soft, and easily packaged. They don’t take up much space since they are stacked vertically and they don’t need to be cleaned because they are designed to be disposable.

3. Non-toxic

Like BPA-free plastic, paper cups are risk-free since they don’t create any toxic residues when it comes in contact with water. However, paper cups are less sturdy than plastic cups since paper tends to absorb water that weakens its structure which results to tear and breakage.

4. Variety

Some paper cups are made up of materials similar to paper but are not paper in a literal sense. Some paper cups are made up of cardboard to make them a bit more durable, while there are paper cups that are made up of post-consumer fibers like recycled paper and wood chips to make them less porous.

Ceramic Cups/Mugs

Ceramic cups are best known for their hard exterior and high heat capacity. They have a heat limit of 3,632℉ or 2,000℃, which means that some ceramic cups can also be used for cooking or baking. One of the benefits of ceramic cups is that heat distribution can change how thick the outer layer of the ceramic is. This means that if a ceramic has a very thick layer, the heat won’t be able to radiate avoiding any accidental burns on contact.

Ceramic cups are easy to clean nonabsorbent. Soapy water or beverage residue can be easily cleaned out. However, ceramics are the least convenient and probably the heaviest of the cups for hot drinks. Since they are made up of ceramic, they are very fragile and may break on impact.

Styrofoam Cups

Styrofoam cups are good for outdoor hot drinks because they are portable, affordable, and have a high heat limit. Styrofoam cups are probably in between paper cups and polypropylene cups, they have a high heat limit than paper cups but not as high as polypropylene cups. They are not a cheaper alternative to paper cups but they are not as special as polypropylene cups.

Styrofoam cups are made up of styrene which is the chemical that is responsible for the solid foam texture. They are essentially plastics with extra steps but they are however a bit more special. Styrene doesn’t use BPA since it has its hardening method, it’s also less water absorbent compared to paper cups which means that Styrofoam cups can store liquids for a longer time.

Keep the Hot Drinks Hot

Cups for hot drinks may come in different materials, sizes, and even heat limits but it all boils down (hot drink pun) to be able to drink that awesome coffee or tea. There are other cups for hot drinks but listed above are the easiest to find and the best to use when it comes to drinking hot drinks.

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